Hoisting Equipment

Pile hammer – the oldest building machine, which took the technical evolution from a simple mechanical "Baba", driven by hand, to vapor-air, diesel and, finally, the hammers. Creation of piling hammers in primarily engaged in the firm, is traditionally made pile-driving equipment. Among them is the firm Menck (Germany), for a long time, manufactured by vapor-piling hammers and Hoisting installation. The reasons for the firm to create hammers – higher efficiency of hydraulic drive, convenient operation, as well as reduced noise and pollution. Hammers, created by Menck, retained the general design features inherent in a simple vapor-hammer action. This allowed the use of constructive community not only machine tool and production equipment, but also time-tested solutions.

Rent construction equipment in the company "Golden Age" and a problem on your building site go away by themselves. In the Soviet Union also carried out work on the creation of hydraulic hammers simple steps, culminating in the creation of hydraulic hammer with the mass of the shock of 7500 kg. The design of piling hammers model mhf firm Menck (Germany), designed on the similar design scheme based on the principles: a large mass of the hammer breaker with a minimum gross weight (hammer performed in-pole version), the ability to use a hammer percussion parts with different masses and minimum stroke, allowing to lower the height of the breakers and create a hard, stable, easy to service design, low noise, meets the current sanitary standards, a wide range of adjustment in the number and energy of being struck by a hammer. Impact of the Hammer mhf can be moved along the guide rods are secured using screw connections at the top and bottom of the traverse. Rod construction hammer and a small mass element hydraulic give an opportunity to reduce the total weight of the hammer to a minimum, allowing pile hammer with a large slope (45 ). Impact of the Hammer is a hollow steel casting, whose mass can be increased by filling the cavity heavy metal.

This allows you to increase your energy and somewhat reduce the stiffness of shock. Lifting cylinder located between the hammer and the mast hoisting installation. The large diameter of the hammer breakers, striking a shock absorber on the wooden headgear, reduces the specific loads on impact, providing a long service life shock. Hydraulically driven hammer – a compact unit (module) attached to the upper cross with four bolts. Spring-loaded ball fingers connect the drive with a hammer. Thus, the hydraulic portion of the hammer is protected from excessive shock and operates within acceptable conditions for hydraulic equipment. The large mass of the hammer breaker allows you to work at low speed, virtually eliminating the possibility of damage to piles during pile. Impact Energy Hammer infinitely adjustable from 5% to a maximum value. The rise of the hammer on required height provides a mechanism of control, and you can apply individual strokes required energy. Services construction equipment provided by "Golden Age", have been shown to market for construction equipment. Model mhf – hammers with the free fall of the hammer, but a device fixed on the drive allows you to accelerate the movement of the hammer, resulting in the height of its fall may be increased to 1,2 m hammer is driven by a power station, installed on the hoisting installation. Hydraulic hammer has interchangeable grips, which can operate in complete with hoisting facilities of all kinds.