Precisely, the company seeks those competitive advantages through well integrated marketing programs that coordinate the price, product, distribution and communications from the supply of goods or services in order to meet the needs of a market goal. Not the slightest doubt, that the management of markets increasingly more is facing the major challenges arising from the changes, demand of consumers, new business openings, technological development, economy, aspects, that can not neglect, most now, that has affected seriously computing and its technology in its operation, supply and advertising products all this has led to the need to rethink the scope of mixture of markets according to the competitive reality of the present. Therefore, management should evaluate how the marketing unit must be organized, what should be its functions, where are their weaknesses, strengths, opportunities, threats, which is very significant to the incidence of Government’s actions that have significantly impacted on the Venezuelan business system, leading to that originates a scenario uncertain, turbulent, risky, where many companies are afraid to compete the truth, to face this reality for the Venezuelan casemanagement markets must face the challenges, if you really want to continue to exist, catering for the market that has conquered, satisfying the demand, needs of their consumers, and of course, for this purpose should undertake actions, programmes that will counteract the effects of the variables of contingencies arising from the actions of the State. Strengthen their strategies, determine the extent, the competitiveness of the stage where acts, as well as consider, be aware of the effect of each action taken by the State and its impact on national productivity, find the It is how closer to strengthen weaknesses in the State with regard to business productivity, aspect that leaves a great deal to say and it has caused serious problems in providing products commodities for consumption by Venezuelans, making the country heavily dependent on imports, seriously affecting the national consumption and the manufacture of domestic products that meet the demand of consumers the Venezuelan companyYou must redefine their administrative systems, their functional units, seeking more integration between it, having trained professionals, personal preparation, staying a day in which modern administration requires in order to ensure efficiency, productivity thanks to a good integration of its functional units.