This article was developed, with intention of assisting the interested parties at the moment of the construction of a presentation in slides. Either for a pupil of basic education, academic, or for any professional interested in using this program as tool auxiliary of a presentation of one determined work. To follow, it will be possible to know the functions of the tools used in this program, all withdrawals of proper the Microsoft Office Power Point that if finds in the Windows. They will be demonstrated through windows, with its had sub-windows, as well as basic tips for the fast construction of a presentation through slides. I – Power Point, its functions and forms of construction In way to as many changes in this so famous ' ' Society of informao' ' , it is that it arrives to be almost impossible to advance without has a basic knowledge so that if it can decide simple tasks as to type a text, for example, or to make a craft, it does not import the level, or the area that it is destined, is necessary a previous knowledge in the computer science area, however nothing of frightful. However, the basic requirements in the age of the information if do not restrict to a simple digitao, are necessary the interest of are creating who it, therefore, when it is about the presentation of a work, either related to the education, I deal it, the half academic, etc, the presentation by means of slides if it becomes a constant..