The world advances at a vertiginous speed, almost, are times that we cannot reach it. Technology, Internet, social networks, intelligent telephones, buy online, electronic books, etc For some years, concretely from year 2005, today, in Spain, we can do something that before we could not, what is? To divorce to us by Internet, if, indeed friendly, from that date has proliferated the call Express divorce that is not another thing that a divorce in mutual agreement where all the conditions already are agreed to by the spouses with the aid of a lawyer. Before, it was necessary to be separated legally a year to ask for the divorce (surely to give time to the time and to see if there were some possibility of reconciliation); today, however one can be divorced directly without happening with that proceeding. It is only enough with being married during 3 months. Before, people were going to the office of the lawyer to ask for the proceedings of her Express divorce (divorce in mutual agreement); now, however, people do from house, with no need to waste time and to very reasonable honoraria (about 400 more or less, following the office and of if you have children or goods to distribute). The proceedings are truly simple for the denominated Express divorce, that is to say, it is only needed to send its data by Internet or telephone, and to have corresponding certificates of marriage, birth of the children there will be if them, of empadronamiento, and a copy of the antenuptial agreements of settlement (if they have separation of goods before notary) and, if already they are separated legally, a copy of the separation sentence.

The duration of the Express divorce can oscillate between one to three months, following the service load that has the judge, on that falls the subject. Hundreds of offices exist or companies that transact these procedure of divorce by Internet, I personally remain with two; the first mainly by its clarity at the time of explaining the proceedings and their easy navigation; the second for being one of first in putting this service. However, before to initiate any proceeding, would not be of calling more to the telephones of attention to the client to make sure of everything before initiating any procedure.