Disorganization. We all know that asking managers the same information over and over, who refuse to take note or completely emotional and are on the edge of spontaneous combustion. His disorganization creates unnecessary effort and frustration throughout the team. An effective manager provides a clear direction where team members can travel from start to finish a project. Ensure that the ball moves forward every day of the project. The disorganization leads to frustration and anarchy. Stubbornness. In a project to be completed in three months, a Manager was already a month behind.

He refused to alter the delivery dates of the project, insisting that he could complete it on time and eliminating unnecessary time removing this task even though the team told him they were in trouble. Never saw the completion of the project that because of his stupidity was removed as a Project Manager. The Manager may believe that their view of reality is correct, but it is imperative to balance their own perspective with the rest of the team. Decide without listening to the team leads to folly. Negativism. A project manager argued consistently negatively.

Focused on the work that had not been made, the crisis of the week, who was not doing their job, etc.. This negative attitude about work, the staff and the project's purpose was frustrated energy, enthusiasm and passion for the job. Is the manager who always sees the glass half empty and who frustrated the team's energy. It does not mean you always need to be happy or be smiling to people all the time. But to succeed the manager must believe in what you are doing and positively motivate your team. Cowardice. Imagine this: the manager, for being depressed when you have the time to hand over the budget, blames team members, shareholders or any person alleged to have contributed to the origin of this problem. It is easier to involve other to identify the real cause of the problem and solve it. It is right to be self critical and aware of personal weaknesses and errors. For leaders who truly continues to grow in leadership skills, need to be first, not the last, to admit their mistakes and learn from them. Distrust. Managers who do not teach important skills, do not show wisdom in their decisions and do not demonstrate integrity, will not earn the trust of its staff. Team members must believe that your Manager has everything you need to manage the project and the wisdom to make decisions with respect and integrity to put the team's interests ahead of yours. If any of these attributes is lost is only a matter of time before they take it off.