To prepare a single project it is necessary to find a centre of interest for our student and from there to pull thread in all directions to achieve work crosswise, touching different areas of knowledge, based on a central topic that interests your child. There is no appropriate or inappropriate topics. Many things can be drawn on any topic, no matter if they are horses, recipes of pastels or cubist painting. The topic actually is just the excuse to work and be able to deepen in various aspects, thus demonstrating our student as everything can be traced, and therefore if we observe with an open mind willing always we can learn and there will always be something that surprised us and connects us with something we know or we are interested. If, for example, we take horses as a theme, we can work on the care of the horse, the anatomy of the same, different types of breeds, which places are native to each race and make a map, that they eat, where is grown that, the story of the horse and its relationship with man and how has been used even to technologically advance along the life of humanity, how is an equestrian, how is a Hippodrome, where horse races, come from a ranking of the fastest horses of the last 10 or 20 years, make a model of a stable (this if only already would be a project)draw and paint horses, study the mythological figures related to the horse as the Unicorn or Pegasus, watch movies or read novels about horses, you can even search, if you interested them, recipes made with horse meat, can go to a riding to ride a horse or pony, etc, the limit puts the interest and imagination. And this is extrapolated to any topic, always we will have the opportunity to deepen and cover the topic from various aspects and different areas, we can calculate, do statistics, make maps, study from diverse points of view each topic, even get new themes and projects from an initial proposal of work that can go transforming. For example, if by studying the horses, we began to study various aspects of this topic, and us begins to motivate more how used horses to cultivate the land, and we want to know if they are still used, is grown now, etc., we can derive towards that side without problems, project is our and we are the ones who decided that direction will takewhere we acotamos and where you stretch, important thing is that the process is interesting and fun.