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Dear readers, is very important to note that within each general survey on a project of investment (P.I.), there are a number of specific studies, whose relevance is increasing according to the general level that are studies of a project of investment. In table 1 below, I have tried to represent the relationship between the general surveys of a P.I., versus specific studies, therefore if we look at the table below, we can see at the top and horizontally are the three levels of general surveys (profile, pre-feasibility and feasibility), and to the left and vertically are typical specific studies of an IP From the profile study, to feasibility, are four triangles, that mark the level of incidence of each specific study within general studies, for example, the market study is present in all three general studies, but its relevance is increased as we increased the level of general studies, and this happens with each specific study in sequence. As we know at the profile level, studies are usually strictly qualitative and data second-hand, but level feasibility, are strictly quantitative, with first-hand data. Also, in the same vein (from left to right) the costs of specific and general studies, increase obtain levels of information that will allow us to reduce the uncertainty to levels that allow the decision (reduce uncertainty), is increasingly more costly..