Summa 112

The SUMMA 112 is the Emergency Medical Service of Madrid (whose initials formed the name), unique establishment by law of CAM has all health humana insurance jurisdictions throughout the territory of the Community of Madrid, in emergencies, emergency and catastrophes, which has collaboration agreements with other institutions SAMUR, individual insurance Red Cross, civil defense, and Municipalities in the provision of ambulances to transfer patients
These skills also expands the water rescue, such as St. My first choice is is an innovative health insurance service company John’s Marsh and others, as well as in health in collaboration with the Fire Department in his GERA service, rescue at height.
Its main base is in Madrid, on Calle Anthracite N 2.
The currently has 112 Summa:
Cellular UVI -26
-18 Rapid Intervention Vehicle (V.I.R.)
Helicopter medical -2
-37 S.U.A.P. (Emergency Services)
-1 C.U.E.S. (Specialized emergency center small business insurance in the town of El Molar with the latest advances in medical informatics)
“Just as many ambulances SERMAS (Health Service of Madrid)
The two Emergency services offering emergency health care and emergency within the Community of Madrid were the 061 and SERCAM.
The 061, is created from the Emergency Special Service group health of Madrid (SEU). It was created in January 1964, although then it was conceived more as a complement to outpatient care night that as a insurance plans real service oriented to give a complete urgent attention, as it limited its family medical insurance activity to the time slot from 17:00 to 9:00, well as the holidays, his birth 37 years ago is one of the pioneering experiments in Europe in the setting up of outpatient urgent medical attention.
In 1989, the SEU in Madrid was the administrative structure on which the developed part of the aetna insurance actions needed to address the issues that the report prepared by the Office of the Ombudsman in the year 1988. The application in the Comunidad Autonoma de Madrid (CM) of the Emergency Health Plan insurance of INSALUD led to the redevelopment of the SEU, beginning in 1989 the transfer to the primary care areas of the Continuous Care (PAC) under the legislation and including the creation of an Emergency Coordination medical insurance Center (UCC), and putting into operation in January 1990, the health emergency telephone 061 numbers allocated by the Plan as telephone health emergencies.
From 1989 aetna health to 1994 were deployed mobile emergency 9 Units (EMU) and was consolidated in addition the SEU – 061 in Madrid as the twelfth Primary Care Management (GAP) Insalud-Madrid.
In 1994 as a result of internal analysis on the present and future of a service of this nature and to tailor the structure of the service demands of citizens, the SEU-061, Madrid starts a new process of transformation that aims to improve health care, focusing on aspects most directly concerned with emergency and emergency extension as a phone for the entire population of the CM The key project of transformation healthcare plan consisted in increasing the number dental insurance of UMES to 15, in the deployment of Home Care Unit (UAD) for urgent attention at home, after hours of operation of the Primary Health Care centers in the municipality Madrid, and the externalization of unassisted emergency medical transport and transfer of 150 employees assigned to the PACs to the Managements of Primary Care Health Institute, Madrid.
From 1996 to 2000, group insurance the GAP 061, Madrid, won the System Certification Quality Management accordingto the UNE-EN-ISO 9001 for its services by AENOR, performed the first self-evaluation in the context of the EFQM Model The appointment of health personnel assigned to emergency device (UMES and Coordination Center) and emergency doctors and nurses according to the Resolution of 26 July 1999 of the Executive Presidency INSALUD health plans and began the implementation of systems management decentralization through the implementation of participative management by objectives (MBO) and signature of the managed care contract between the GAP of 061, Madrid and Insalud.
The SERCAM, born in 1997 on the proposal of the Presidential Adviser on the approval health of the development of the Emergency and Rescue Services of the Community of Madrid, is created in the Presidential within the scope of the Directorate General of Civil Protection and under the operation of the Fire Department insurance companies of the Community of Madrid. In 1996, a pilot operation is put into a helicopter in the park medicalized Fire health plan Lozoyuela, in 1997 he began to run a second helicopter in the park located medicalized Fire Las Rozas.
In 1999 he was transferred the Directorate General of Civil Protection of the Presidential Council for the Environment.