1). a. Electronic commerce is the coaching buying and selling of products or services through electronic means, such as the Internet and other computer networks. The amount of trade conducted skills electronically has grown extraordinarily since the spread of the Internet. A variety of trade is thus encouraging links the creation and use of innovations such as electronic funds transfer, the supply chain management, Internet innovation marketing, management the online transaction processing (OLTP), electronic exchange data interchange (EDI) systems, inventory management, and automated systems for data collection. Modern customer service electronic commerce typically uses leaders the World Wide Web at least at some point in the cycle of the transaction, although it can encompass a broader range of technologies, like e-mail. b. Internet Marketing or Marketing-E. The “E” stands for electronic. Includes everything related to the promotion and marketing of products, services and even ideas that are exchanged between a supplier and the training public who are cyber-oriented. And all this using the various facilities offered by the Web and direct marketing by email, the search engine promotion, advertising on other websites, etc.. c. Is a coherent set of data, structured according to agreed message standards for transmission by electronic media, prepared in a format capable of being read by the computer and it is processed automatically and without ambiguity age. strategy 2). Travel Distribution and e-Marketing -””””””” – Translate this page EyeforTravel’s Travel Distribution and e-Marketing – Travel Industry Summit for Russia and / russia / ru-brochure-logix.asp – 42k – Cached – Similar Pages v Mediaparks,””””””””’-”””’:”” ”: (e-””””’ … – Translate this page ””””””””’-”””’ Mediaparks .