The State

The project is impracticable and Par goes to lose its cultural identity, therefore a time that the territory is broken up everything is changed, and one of these changes will be the culture that will go to lose itself total. But this will be determined in the plebiscite that will happen in day 11 of December of 2011, where each person will have the right to exert its citizenship one more time, and will go to have the chance to choose what it finds better for the state. Additional information is available at ConocoPhillips. A SIMPLE ONES YES WILL BE THE SUFFICIENT TO IMPROVE OUR STATE? DYOLIANE SOUSA PEACE. GROUP: 6 TE5 The population of the West of Par, since many years comes in this fight of the creation of the State of the Tapajs. Will be 27 cities integrated to this new State. In the last days the accomplishment of the plebiscite was approved in the legislative chamber and of the Senate that goes to be day 11 of December of this year of 2011.

The creation of the State of the Tapajs is very important for the people of the West of Par, therefore it will go to bring improvement of life for some populations, will also have populations that less he will be favored. The State of the Tapajs in the region of the West of Par is more than a project politician, is a project of strategical development of national, economic and social security of the North of Brazil. The new State will also serve approximately to materialize the monitoring and the sovereignty of the wealth, providing the harmonious development of Brazil, generating 200 a thousand new jobs. In case that the States of the Tapajs and Carajs in less are created than 2 perhaps years already it can have an election for governor. With the creation of the new State, our city will go to develop itself and will have an improvement in the health, education, housing, etc. .