Jonival Lucas

In 2006, in fact, Wagner was the great winner. Using the popularity of president Lula, institutionalized the call protest vote, with that Squid in 2002 chooses, and penetrated deep in the redoubts of the Carlismo. Weaveeing alliances more esdrxulas in order to take ahead its project to arrive at the government of the state, as of> in the measure where they had not claimed to gain election, to only mark position finishes for stimulating the petista candidacy. For all the effect, the PT dragged part of the right, stimulating the imagination and the opportunism of adventurers of some matrices, being that some had finished defeated as what it happened with Jonival Lucas, Benito Gamma, Udurico Young chicken among others. The victory of Wagner if of the one in the Bulge of a process of national transistion, where the government of President Lula places the social one as flag,> that is, significant advances in the social field (as the stock market family, for example), had been obtained and evidently very it is for being made still in as a government (as to teach to fish, for example) without, however, to have an institucional expression that becomes them irrevocable rights. The consolidation and magnifying of these rights, or better, distribution of income, will depend on the form as it will express itself institucionalmente in the federal and state level: moreover, these distributions of income will be given for the specific weight that each one of the component forces of the alliances politics will have in the process of this institutionalization. In this direction it is only possible to admit that the conjunctural changes of the victory of Wagner in the last bahian lawsuit will not only have a national dimension as it also tends humilhadamente to have influence in the internal hegemony of the party of the workers defeated in So Paulo. ghts.

Having important tax it defeats to the section best structuralized and more advanced of the DEM, in one of the main states of Federacy, the emergent joint of the left center in the Bahia, necessarily unbalances the estruturador axle of the right with the victory of the Squid in 2o turn of the 2006 elections. It was necessarily the So Paulo section of the PT that almost obtains, paying with the local defeat, to express with bigger clarity that, in the game politician is necessary very well-taken care of not to ruin all a done joint. However, beaten in the last elections the Carlismo it is not deceased, however, it dives in its deeper crisis and starts to have its internal unit not only eroded for the natural tension of the defeat for the government of the state and the Senate, as well as for the age and state of health where if it finds its leader bigger. A time conquered the government of the state, will fit to the PT to determine that model of active state economically and with distribution of income if desires that ones of the problems most serious of our state is the concentration of income in the hands Jeorge Cardozo Luiz Professor, Graduated Filosofia (UCSAL/2000), Specialist in Educao (UNEB/2003), Special Pupil of the Mestrado in Public Politics (UNEB).