In such a way, three consideradassuscetveis abilities consider to be improved by means of training and formation, necessriasao professional exercise. Between them they are the knowledge (general eespecficos), the capacities and the attitudes. Common knowledges … we will understand this preparation comoa professional formation of base essential to obtain to play, com' ' profissionalismo' ' , the social education and that specific Knowledge can be proporcionadosatravs of university studies … … susceptible of is seraprendidos or improved by means of formation, that must allow the educadorsocial to face new activities.

… knowledge of way (ROMANS; PETRUS; TRILLA, 2003, P. 125). These knowledge if relate to ' ' to know fazer' ' professional in the intervention directed to the problematic one of the taken care of population. He also includes to knowledge of its functions to intervine with seriousness nastarefas that it they are proper, that is, working in team multidisciplinarcolaborando in the elaboration of adequate and integral answers to the demands dapopulao. Moreover, the knowledge of its capacities and limitations nodesempenho of its work, in order to prevent constrangedoras situations quecomprometam the good performance of the requested tasks must be detached.

The capacities to understand, to dominate certain abilities, joined in some educators, can be apprehended in elapsing of the prticaprofissional. As general term to assign the quality, the ability ea ability that a person possesss to carry through an activity has if idiade capacity. It can receive diverse interpretations. However, definiopertinente in this in case that one mentions the capacities to it to understand, to dominate or utilizarcertas abilities that can have its origin in an innate potential, pelaprtica professional or by means of formation processes. In such a way to carry through practical its oeducador professional would need to possess: ) the capacity to elaborate educative projects – one mentions the tasks to it of elaboration and proposal of work plans and denovos educative programs in the individual, familiar or group scope dedeterminado territory; b) capacity to intervine in the educative plan – capacity of comment and analysis of the processoseducativos.