Portuguese Kingdom

E in other countries, the republic also elapsed in the truth of illegitimate Coup d etat, as it occurred in Brazil and Portugal, in this with the right to a previous regicide. Thus, we see that the republican system in some hypotheses can until being natural for a people who suffers from ' ' Syndrome of Ado' ' , or either, that orphan of institutions is and necessary if to raise front to the international community. This is the situation of the too much American countries (except Canada and others in Central America), but is not the case of Brazil. Brazil yes, as excessively, it was during three hundred years a Portuguese colony. However, in contrast of the other colonies, it did not have an institucional rupture, in which the country left of being a colony and politically passed to one republiqueta independent but dependent economically. Brazil was the only country in Americas that the part of the Kingdom evolved (in contrast to rebelling itself) of a colony, also more independent of what the European part of the Portuguese Kingdom, therefore that one arrived to be busy for the Frenchmen during certain period. From then on, the independent Brazilian entity of Portugal continued its true evolution, when breaking up itself of its European part it continued with its system of total legitimated monarchic government, being that also the first state to recognize the independence of our American Monarchy was exactly the biggest example of republic, that had been the United States. By the way, this was not the only independence with monarchic continuity, therefore when the Norway was seen independent of Sweden, independent Belgium of Holland and independent Greece of the Ottoman Empire, all had opted to the monarchic continuity, through the choice of real houses that had given to continuity to the project politician of those countries (being that Greece unhappyly finished victim of one another republican blow).