Public Works

After all, to have the support of twenty percent of the Brazilian electorate, as Marina showed and demonstrated to have, means that the environment found echo next to a significant parcel of the Brazilian population. The PV would have elements for, at least, to influence in the decisions regarding the chains that would go to assume those ministries whose actions if reflect directly on the territory and the environment. The PV and Marina could argue next to who won the lawsuit in as the turn, exactly having assumed a neutrality position: We do not help, but also, we do not confuse? E, somebody with sensitivity enough to occupy the Palace of Plateaus, certainly would be sensible to the representation of twenty percent of the Brazilian voters. Therefore if somebody left victorious person in the presidential elections Brazil in 2010, this somebody was the environment, together with all those that militate for the ambient cause. Marina Hisses and the PV would have to search to assume the control of the sectors that at risk cause impacts on the environment, compromising the support and placing the future of the coming generations. It is the case of the activities of mineral exploration, of the activities of estruturao of the road net and those activities that have immediate consequences on the territory and, after that, if they make to feel on the environment. This would be the case of the actions led the handle for the Agrarian Ministry of Public Works and the Economy, with its territorial plans and for the Ministry of the National Integration, with its projects of ' ' revitalizao' ' of hidrogrficas basins and its regional politics. In the case of the Ministry of the Cities, we must always remember that the urban expansion leads, inevitably, to the competition for territories, with called ' ' space construdo' ' fighting for the natural areas, until then preserved, or against areas of farming production, competition this that, the medium and long run, will have consequences for the environment.