E it was demonstrated in the ballot boxes for the votes, null, white and abstinence, not only for the holiday. Therefore it gave to vote early and to follow trip. The votes would have to have IDO for the adversary, but it badly was assisted when he started with attacks menosprezando the force and the character of the woman. In the Internet, I could observe opinions that had moved with the woman of fiber and fighter. today many women are antenadas in its hours of recess and could observe opinion of certain men as: woman place is in the kitchen, washing clothes, serving in the table and the bed. Stupidly, the ones had been these that had more raised Dilma to be to be the first President of Brazil. That it can give continuity, win obstacles, learn each time more, elaborate offences infuriates, respect the critical ones they will help that it to more still grow, searching and solutions alternative. With the patience and wisdom of mother, it will lead this nation, as the necessities of the children of Brazil.

Congratulations to all the men who love and give to value ace women as partners and half of the soul, as polarity, therefore one does not exist without the other. It is the Yin and Yang, the natural Law, existing in the world. Nothing it is created without the other polarity. WE ARE ALL ONE, IN GOD. a candle lights some candles, illuminating everything its return deep Peace to all MORAES NORM AP SILVEIRA. ' ' With the best votes, on behalf of that they trust a government for todos' ' That Brazil always continues with its projects and the goal pointing a future clearly and promissor' '