Social Service

To work such condicionantes if makes in the dialogue, in construction of the peace culture. Strozenberg in says that ‘ to them; ‘ the process of reinforcement of the peace culture does not have to inhibit the feeling and desire of changes, but, over all, to contribute so that these changes can occur of not violent form, and counting on the effective participation of the directly involved actors in questo’ ‘. (STROZENBERG, 2006:81). This is the challenge. ‘ ‘ Agent can make the things in the shout or the word. He can be a number or a citizen. He can for an end in papo or follow the hope because the choice is nossa.’ ‘ (ALMEIDA, 2008).

Thus being, the social, professional assistant that she meets inserted in the different fields, and the relation with these different actors, needs to assume itself of the tools of mediation who are ece of fishes and in its form of specific professional performance thus to contribute in the diffusion of the peace culture and in the construction of the dialogue that if presents necessary, making possible the view of this learning to the collective one of the society. Balestreri illustrates this well assertive, when it suggests that ‘ ‘ if we want, one day, to live a true one? human culture of citizenship and rights? , we need to go beyond the accusation, adding efforts for the construction of a new model of public security. The partnership, therefore, enters the community that if express through its organizations and the policy, is basic so that let us reach a democratic platform of greater plenitude.’ ‘ (BALESTRERI; 2003:17 and 18). Some assays of dialogues exist appearing and that it has presented a north for this question. A sufficiently illustrative case is the Project Papo de Responsa, that appear of an interaction between the civil society (AFROREGGAE), civil policy and private initiative (Natura). This project if dedicates to divulge the culture of peace and the necessity of that all assume its parcel of responsibility in the construction of a society more insurance, engaged in the defense of the human rights and in the respect to the differences.