Social Service

Not forgetting that in eight years members of the house of representatives can guarantee a retirement being enough to follow some requirements, good lesser what a worker ‘ ‘ normal’ ‘ he needs to fulfill. Today with the advent of the Internet, of the use of vdeoconferncias in the judiciary one also, he would not be reasonable of to be used this way also between the Members of the house of representatives and Senators to diminish the expenditures with trips for Brasilia or its States? thus also to leave that each one of these politicians make politics of inside of its proper offices and not needing in such a way to perceive the highest wages to represent the people, representation this, many times forgotten as soon as installed it elect position. They could dislocate only one time for month until Brasilia to make a speech its projects and to guarantee support of its colleagues. With this technology that we possess in programs of computer, the example of the Brazilian federal prescription, the politicians could be folloied of house for any citizen and thus to be valued for the personal works of each one, in detriment of this people chose who it, would be one politics much more valued, therefore it would make for the people something that would like that they made for it, and this only for the will to make and not unchained for the patrimonial ascension, then would not need to declare its good in manchetes of periodicals therefore all profit would be through its proper profession..