Eurofighter Sukhoi

Currently, they are capable to use missiles and modern bombs, as the powerful antiradar missile Russian Kh-31 Krypton. However, the hunting has little reach and capacity of limited load, beyond low ascent reason. However, three multi-functional huntings of combat if detach in the inventory of the Air Force of China, although to be in service in small numbers: the Shenyang J-11, version of domestic production of the Sukhoi Su-27, the Sukhoi Su-30MKK, of Russian manufacture and the Chengdu J-10. Certainly such aircraft represent the most powerful vectors of the PLAAF, capable of, with adequate training them pilots, if to impose in any scene of modern combat. The hunting Shenyang J-11 was produced under license, being in the truth a Sukhoi Su-27K. The capacities of the aircraft Sukhoi Su-27 and its variants are recognized world-wide, being considered capable in operation today in the planet, therefore, excusing bigger commentaries. The project of the J-10 aircraft was made in Israel that, together with Russia, made use the Pequim the ways necessary to construct such aircraft.

They had it to the Israelis projected as a national version of the American hunting F-16. The J-10 is one modern hunting that represents a great advance for China. However, the aircraft is in service in limited numbers, and the progress of aircraft of the call generation 4++ and the fifth generation in Russia, the Europe Occidental person and the United States denotes that its potential can be contained. Stories exist of that the Chinese would be projecting an aircraft of fifth superior generation to Eurofighter 2000 and the Rafale Frenchman. The proper net of Chinese state television already cited the existence of the project, however the information, not-officer, of whom one future aircraft comes to be superior to Eurofighter 2000 is contestvel. The new and modern light aircraft Chengdu FC-1, not-operational in the PLAAF, are being tested.