The Autonomy

Thus, it is perceived social dimension, and politics, obviously, that this project has. It does not aim at only the managing organization of the school, but, more beyond: it searchs the construction of goals, disposals and abilities of a honest form stop with the society, therefore it leaves that this has the chance to participate of this taking of decision in a public school. The author (DAYS) (2003, P. 5) it affirms, still, that: The school while one ‘ ‘ parelho’ ‘ of the State, it aims at to reproduce the social relations of production, making it difficult with this its autonomy politics, where the education of quality anger to search overcoming of these social relations of production. The Autonomy of the School while institution that it forms for the life appears as the exit most cautious for the limitation that is imposed to it by the State and its search for an identity condizente with the current scene politician where we live not it leaves any another alternative that is not to fight for a more independent positioning, of this form, in the process to educate.

It needs to walk with its proper feet, in order to go of meeting to a place that is so only its. Thus, one more time she fits to point out that the Project Pedagogical Politician seems to follow in two directions parallel bars in face of the necessity of that the democratic management happens in one definitive institution of education: in the search of this institution for its autonomy politics and in the consolidation between what it offers and what its society really needs. Corroborating with the words of DAYS (2003, P. 1), ‘ ‘ The school is a social and democratic space, composition for the pupils and its familiar ones, professors, employees and beside the point members of comunidade.’ ‘ , it is opportune to remember that this democratic management does not only become in the seio of the school or the moment of the teach-learning, but in all the space that the school must enclose, that pupil is the social environment it, being here with priority related by the author as the family.