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P2P Will Remain Anonymous

Knowing who is at the end of the line Internet, behind the computer screen, he thought the recording industry the most effective way to stop the free downloading of content protected by intellectual property laws. Go to the citizen that despite the popularity of banda ancha, spent 257 million euros in 2007 and music videos sold in hardware (25.7% less than in 2006), was the path chosen by the association Producers Music of Spain (Promusicae) to deal with exchange programmes (P2P), as eMule or Kazaa.

Hipo – Tormentoscopio

The fact discover new groups through models is a pleasure, especially if you are following this model topics as good as the group offers pacense Hipo in its second shipment under this format, with the title: Tormentoscopio.

Hipo has been chosen by the festival as a group revelation of 2008, ahead of others like Klaus Kinski and or Band Apart. The prize of the festival comes after a 2007 in which they were finalists in the same event and I Contest models of Lemonpop; besides winning the first contest models of Bangkok. A group that has not missed opportunities that the competitions give the novel, if only to expand the scope and number of followers.

Behind the group is Emiliano Fernandez (also in Drawer of Sastre), head thinking and driver of Hipo since in 2002 recorded a demo at home. It was escorted from 2006, when it really starts Hipo, Naomi Castle, Payer and Joaquin Rodrigo Gomez.

There are only five songs but turned into genuine pearls kept in a small mini CD (the design is impeccable) that grow from simplicity. It is a remembrance indie pop mist, a lo-fi that Sebadoh played in some clubs. Hipo rather prefer tranquillity rather than power, but after a while is an attractive instrumental in the hands of the guitars, they would have to operate more in future references. The approach to names from abroad as Trembling Blue Stars and their airtight pop can be seen in a red line, next to the former The Good Life, and now after Ama swimmer (not counting his latest experiment e). This issue, among many fine tap and whisper in the darkness of the voice of Emiliano Fernandez, grows when the end comes, more crude and distorted.

The before and after going through the same line, almost intelligible voice, paused and beautiful. Cajon, Sastre remains in the small bubble created by the guitars, and Negotiating with appearance of a rise after a sustained riff throughout the song and the vocal duet with Naomi Castle.

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Alamedadosoulna – Finissimo

Unknown to most, Alamedasoulna are a band with many tables on the stage, practicing a wide mix of ska and reggae. They already have two discs above and is therefore Finissimo its third long, where turn in all aspects, from design to production, little escapes the 10 components! Of the band. So many people together is not accidental, but the union of two groups in 1999 in Madrid: Gaernika and Head of Canoeing. Both projects were tired of the dynamics of the market and decided to mix their forces encouraged more momentum.

The beauty of the formations large and organized is that each member plays its role, and all the details are controlled by the band without so many intermediaries. Alamedadosoulna account from a person solely devoted to the digital world (Sergio), until a treasurer (Rebe), already knows that the money in these groups do not spare.

Finissimo is a job to enjoy his rhythm brings a joy inherent in each item, which at no time was the machine for dancing. Since ska and reggae, all driven rhythm is a win-win situation to move and enjoy it. So what makes this work, which has largely melodic and rhythmic reminding Ska Cubano, but there are also voices and other topics that are close to Ojos de Brujo in his first record. They are closer to those new groups of Barcelona as La Kinky Beat, had to find some regards over here. Although the disc is only defends without needing other support.

To that end, the thirteen songs that make up Finissimo are the best defenders, all commented with some anecdotes within the digipack that protects the disc itself. Catstrof is a kind of intro longer to introduce the rest. Straight Caracol is established on a steady pace and traps grace in the letter. Hiwey is one of the best with the trombone and trumpet, with a very happy and well-made saxocellphone solo in the middle of the field. Bioman and Optimistic are in the best blend rhythm and music, the more curious when you read the comments of the band and read that Bioman was inspired by the story of a little boy who was believed superhero. Also squeeze the accelerator pedal and leave and Punhit Please, more like Ojos de Brujo by providing voice Rebe. Besides Samone and Ferrari rosso more classic and smooth. Moreover One Bala which are a little disappointed because it is more similar to what it always has, like New Tele.

A third disc that happy day with the pace supported by key elements of ska and nobody there for the party. The Direct aims to be better exploit their land where the songs, and once heard Finissimo are resolved the doubts of why.