Associated Products

The Classified also distributes Al Borde, founded in 1997 and acquired by The Classified in 2001. Al Borde is the only free tabloid newspaper aimed specifically at the Latino market 18-34 years of age in the United States. Al Borde provides firsthand information about the Latin world alternative pop and hip hop music, movies, culture, album launches, special events, trends and lifestyle. This publication affiliated with the National Association of Hispanic Publications (NAHP) has its own informational website, live events and issues weekly news bulletin. His business partner is a series of free events for young entrepreneurs developed and supported by The Classified sponsored by recognized companies, where business conferences, exhibition and seminars are offered to business owners interested in growing and generating new opportunities.This tool has its own informational website and issues a monthly electronic newsletter of news related to business development and opportunities for small businesses. “Home, My Sweet Home” is an informative website and a series of free events, exhibitions aimed at the community that The Classified organized twice a year. It aims to help Hispanics in the house-buying process by offering completely free and comprehensive information in Spanish. “Quincea eras Expo Fashion Show” is a series of events held annually with the Classified To help Latino families interested in celebrating the fifteen years of his daughters while guiding Latin girls to choose careers and opportunities that best suit their students.