Acceptance of a product: Allows you to express acceptance of a product or service by consumers.if there is little acceptance must be rethought strategies of the company. Boutique Agency: It is an advertising agency that specializes in one aspect of providing creative services and advertising media planning. Consumer goods: They are products intended for use by the end user. Consumer goods are divided into “convenience goods” (frequently used products, there is little choice for the buyer), in “Property purchase (the buyer compares the products) and” unwanted goods “(the consumer does not know). Brief: A document containing a summary of background, plans and tactics, which aims to provide information to justify a tactical plan for the recipient or a decision or course of action. Advertising Campaign: A program that involves the creation and establishment of a series of ads online managed together with the establishment of market and communication objectives. Cycle use: this consists of: the reception, the choice of alternatives, test the garment, decision, cancellation and product delivery. Stages of the brand marks have life cycles: introduction, growth, maturity and decline, and that specific strategies for brand management are needed at each stage. Competitor: Refers to the company offering a product or service that is similar or the same supplier. Communication: The process of transmitting information from one individual to another, may also involve more people.The route can be oral, written, etc. symbols. Copy: Text material is included in a communication (ad, e-mail, website, etc.).. Purchase decision: Is the stage where the consumer is already preparing to make the purchase. Distribution: Refers to the distribution of products for distribution to members who are retailers, wholesalers, distributors. Extension line to add more products to the existing line by introducing new products in the same category.Line extensions offer consumers more choice and help the company to protect itself from attacks by competitors. Service Strategy: Defining the weaknesses of the service of the company’s strengths enocntrar competition and especially dissatisfied consumer understanding, to generate standards of satisfaction.