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Leon should be a disambiguation page (size manageable 2) The use of statistics makes sense, since what is there to assess the importance and widespread use in the real world, but the frequency of meaning, obviously in the queries to the articles and internal links to wikipedia. If a field is less developed, obviously will have less queries and that makes the frequency of use in the encyclopedia is less. The day the areas relevant to animal be extended above the others clearly and with much advantage will be redirected to Panthera leo Lion, because the frequency of that meaning is clear and by far superior to the other.Finally I would like to emphasize the adverb only initiates the phrase “Only in the event that one of the meanings is by far more common than others, it is desirable to leave it in the article that has the ambiguous name” suggests that the frequency criterion must be clear muuuuuuy for the exception. Saludos ) wikisilki iklisikiw 02:36 24 nov 2008 (UTC) There’s a misperception. Wikipedia aspires to be a representation of the sum of public knowledge, but is not. It has many gaps and imbalances, and one of the factors that cause is not having a community of publishers with a range similar to the variety of people in the real world. Spanish publishers have more than Chinese, for example, makes more information available on China to Spain that (something like 71,000 articles against 2,000), which does not mean at all that the culture of Spain is superior to China in a proportion of 71 to 2.These gaps and unintended biases must be identified and try to overcome, not perpetuate them. Belgrano (Talk) 03:01 24 nov 2008 (UTC) For me, agreeing with what you say, the misconception is thinking that the disambiguations used to determine the importance or relevance of an encyclopedic article above the other, when what I mean is that they are tools to facilitate navigation between articles with the same input. If we see the standard, the approach to be applied is mostly common entry hostel disambiguation, and only when a sense is by far more common (and I emphasize functional approach because it is often not relevant), that entry the hostel common sense and redirect it to a disambiguation page. This does not mean that in disambiguation PVN does not apply and prioritize or highlight the most important encyclopedic entries.Saludos ) wikisilki iklisikiw 04:28 24 nov 2008 (UTC) PD rambling: I foresee a future development of ancient Chinese mythology, I bought a tochazo superinteresante. I would not think making a disambiguation Nirvana only because there are more searches and links related to the band … Tell me not neutral: D. Lin Linao dime 04:42 24 nov 2008 (UTC) Already in the search box gives the option of choosing any alphabetically Leon / Lion it is registered. In the case of not realizing that some users, what better way to find a disambiguation page , … Where to find any term with the same name. As for library mouse I think that the more terms the better. And each surf “as he pleases .– Vuduista (Talk) 11:28 24 nov 2008 (UTC) I would not think to call non-neutral, Lin. I would say that you let yourself be guided by passion rather than reason, which is different.Nor would ask Nirvana Buddhist spiritual state changed the band … unless the frequency of the band was by far superior. In that case, should be done. Anyway, I invite you to reconsider what is the magnitude and significance of the cities on the animal, with all the cultural and symbolic load fierce lion, do not forget that cities are the center of human culture, and numerous demonstrations cultural, historical figures, facts and circumstances, institutions, births, deaths, etc … they occur in and around them. I only know the Spanish, but I guess the other is like a city of about two thousand years in its orbit takes many possible items that can not be considered far below the lion animal, very iconic and symbolic as it is. Saludos ) wikisilki iklisikiw 12:57 24 nov 2008 (UTC) Common names should prevail over the rest.When a user searches for any city called Leon, he knows that lion is an animal, that if you type ‘Leon’ you may not get where I thought, and I should write something like Leon (city). If instead you want to get the animal need not know of the existence of cities, provinces or medieval kingdoms with the same name.