Greenville is located in the Interstate 85 corridor, midway between Atlanta (Georgia) and Charlotte (North Carolina). The northern part of the autpista Interstate 385 ends at the center of the city, like Interstate 185 and U.S. Highway 123 (Calhoun Memorial Highway). Other major routes include U.S. 25, U.S. 29 and U.S. 276. There are several airports servicing the Greenville area. The most important of the region, Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport abbreviated, GSP is also the busiest statewide with connections to major cities and major airline service. The Greenville Downtown Airport (GMU), where jets can land, nelic pteros and other aircraft, is the third busiest in the state. Greenville also serves as a logistics hub for Federal Express, Air Canada, Lufthansa and British Airways.The train Amtrak Crescent train connects Greenville with the cities of New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, DC, Charlotte, Atlanta, Birmingham and New Orleans. The Amtrak station is located at 1120 West Washington Street. In addition, Greenville is included in the plans of the Southeast High Speed Rail Corridor, which run from Washington (DC) and Birmingham (Alabama). The public service in the city of Greenville is the task of Greenville Transit Authority (GTA). GTA lines cover the city and much of the county. In preparation for the future, city leaders are working on the planning phase of an integrated transport system that will help decongest the heavy traffic on Interstate highways and other routes. Among the scenarios are the expansion of existing routes of GTA, the creation of a tram-train from Travelers Rest to downtown Greenville and rail lines connecting major urban centers to suburban offices and shopping.