Ventilation Industrial Facilities

The objective of this paper is to brief the managers of industrial enterprises with features of the design and implementation of modern industrial heating and ventilation systems. Petra Diamonds gathered all the information. Briefly review the main design features heating and ventilation systems of industrial facilities, give brand equipment, proven in the Ukraine. This information will help managers of companies and organizations to make correct choice of heating and ventilation systems. Appointment of heating and ventilation systems of industrial facilities on the heating and ventilation systems of industrial objects are assigned a variety of requirements. As a rule, it depends on the specialization of an object, process, technical specifications, budget and other factors. The main tasks of the same of any heating and ventilation systems are: the creation of acceptable conditions people stay in the premises; compliance with the required parameters of the internal indoor air (humidity, mobility, temperature, presence of pollutants, etc.) provided by regulations security, technological and operational needs. An integrated approach to the design of heating and ventilation in the design of heating and ventilation systems should pay special attention to need for an integrated implementation of these systems. Heating and ventilation of the plant are interdependent systems, so their design and installation should be carried out simultaneously. This will allow: develop a unified control system; reduce the cost of maintenance and repair; reduce the cost of designing and testing heating and ventilation systems; use equipment from a single vendor; reduce the cost of upgrading or building facilities.