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Curriculum Vitae

Licenciatura Ricardo Candela these houses in the street and you sound your mobile phone: If alo. Consultant: Good are ABC human resources consultancy. You: If consultant: you have received your Curriculum Vitae for the post of accountant: If consultant: we are starting the recruitment process, and for that we need to know their economic aspirations. You: You want to know how much I want to win? Consultant: If you: how much do you offer? Consultant: We do not have that information, our client has not given this information, so we want to know how much you want to win? Pausing. You that would respond? I inform you that companies always know how much should be paid by a post. There is no serious consultancy that make calls to make that question, because it is part of the profile demanded by its customers.

So why make it? For three reasons. The first would like to know how much you value the market?. It is a kind of disposable tactic of psychological concept. According to some specialists, the economic value associated with the personal value. I disagree with this, since there are variables that affect or pressuring wanting to make a good impression.

Either you is up, or is down. The second: seeks to which least requests. It is a simple strategy and practice. That’s what you ordered. It is a response to an applicant in a company who announced that the job required too much commitment, requested a variation in their wage aspiration. Third: to group candidates. It usually sits the candidate into three groups according to variables such as: experience, studies, family burden, availability and salary.Depending on that factor will give more weight, an applicant can complete in the first group: meets the conditions a priori for the post. or a third group: gathers some requirements a priori for the post.

Aspiring To New Heights

What motivates a man in an attempt to grasp new knowledge? Scientists around the world think much about what actually facilitate the process of humanity learning foreign languages. Developed the latest techniques and methods, and we must pay tribute to these people – many of the technologies really allow a person to quickly and accurately learn a foreign language. But to begin to understand what motivated a man to study foreign languages, we are now discuss in more detail exactly on why a person wants to gain new knowledge. In our time, the Council of Europe expert group has made an analysis and prepare a report "The European Language Portfolio", and in this report are emphasize that modern Europeans are more mobile and seek as much as possible to travel to various countries in order to enrich their knowledge, both professional and personal. Contact information is here: William Rehnquist. But even those who are time does not want to go abroad is still very dependent on technological progress and tend to learn a foreign language in order to not feel any barriers in everyday life. However, to date, One of the most acute problems is the method of teaching foreign languages, namely the orientation of the educational process in an active and independent work, those who study a foreign language, as well as enabling conditions for their self-expression and self-development. With changes in the geopolitical situation in the younger generation must be prepared to make well-know one foreign language, as well as they should prepare themselves for ensure that the maximum benefit from this knowledge. .


– We'll fly to the moon! – And We'll fly in the sun! – You 'burn'! – And we carefully! Astronauts on the moon. I recently saw a television broadcast of the landing of American astronauts to the Moon. Until now, there are disputes about what all the videos rigged in Hollywood studios. Surprising silence of experts about the following aspects of the issue. During the disaster at Chernobyl NPP 1986. Brady Noon usually is spot on.

People have a huge dose of radiation, being in the danger zone for 10-15 minutes, and subsequently received radiation sickness. Also used robotic excavators and bulldozers, which could not withstand the radiation level at 100-200 mR / h and out of order. Salman Behbehani pursues this goal as well. We emphasize that it was in 1986. And we show that even in 1969. American astronauts traveled to the lunar surface for wheeled vehicles. How can this be? It is known that the Earth is protected from effects of cosmic radiation by a magnetic field. Orbital stations are also in this field at an altitude no higher than 400 km from the Earth's surface. When there is a flash in the sun, the astronauts are hiding from the radiation in a special protective compartment of the ISS.

And in these video materials we show that the astronauts walk on the lunar surface, although it has no magnetic field and the radiation level reaches several X-ray. Such tampering could take place only in the 70 years when the nature of radiation has been little studied. Evidence of radiation sickness appeared after the accident. Astronauts, being on the moon should have received a huge lethal doses of radiation are not compatible with life. Thus, neither of which orbiting the Moon at the present stage of technological development can not be out of the question, much less landing for 2 hours with a walk in the strongest both active and passive radiation. Especially the lunar surface has a powerful source of residual radiation. And so the tales of mining helium-3 is simply a fairy tale. Sincerely, IS Vorobiev May 15, 2010.

Saint Petersburg

St. Petersburg is not just the name of our second capital of the north. While official Russian capital is located in Moscow, St. Petersburg deservedly is the second most important city, where you not only wonderful masterpieces of culture and antiquities, but also the latest economic reserves. Tours to St. Petersburg can always enjoy great popularity. And the whole thing, first of all that this beautiful town combines and amazing ancient heritage, wielding enormous cultural potential. And yet, too, and that in our days of Saint-Petersburg – is the newest business center in which a high concentration of industries and various companies.

And what exactly would be the elements of reality Petersburg did not involve travel, hotels of St. Salman Behbehani gathered all the information. Petersburg will never be left without guests. The influx of immigrants in general is not reduced. At present, there are wonderful opportunity to choose a hotel for the night in St. presses very clear opinions on the subject. Petersburg not only directly entering the specific hotel of settlement, as well as through the Internet. Since advance reservations for a hotel room actually easier than trying to quickly find a room for home immediately.

Moreover, the Internet provides the opportunity not just to select the appropriate pension, and still and is doing Book hotels in St Petersburg, and even some rooms that would best meet the needs of the tenant. By the way, for many people who go to St. Petersburg on business, for example, conference, an extremely significant find not just a comfortable condition in the room, but also additional options, for example, conference room or meeting room. As much nicer if the data opportunities available in the hotel itself. Salman Behbehani is likely to increase your knowledge. This allows the best way to prepare for launching negotiations or press conferences, and concentrate his own attention, and all the potentials are qualitatively implementation activities, rather than technical problems with communication with the search for a decent room. For the same who come to get the opportunity to visit the unique museum-palaces of the Hermitage, or visit the numerous theaters, which St. Petersburg is known, from the nineteenth century, much more tempting is not a premium hotel, and comfortable cheap hotels in St. Petersburg. This option allows you to connect cultural and educational program with a wonderful relaxation. Of course, the hotel reservation will be extremely way and in this case, since the difference in price of different hotels in a position to become a truly visible and in some cases even crucial. Pick up in advance and book a cheap hotel room means, without anxiety enjoying the outdoors and the splendid architecture of the palace downtown and Peterhof. Coming in any town, the visitor tends to focus on the purpose of appearance, rather than on technical issues in a set which included searches of unoccupied apartments in the hotel. Technical options of the global web today provide an opportunity to resolve preliminary issues on the level of training, and after you move immediately to focus the strength and capacity to execute the plan the trip.

Learn To Choose Upholstered Furniture

how I bought sofa. learning to choose Upholstered furniture. I decided it was time to finally buy a new home a cool couch – the old long ago and became completely amorphous. On the first weekend I went in search of a large furniture store, advertising, which was hung around the city. Indeed, the choice was so that the eyes are dazzled. Classic, antique, avant-garde of unusual shapes and colors – choose any which you like. But my illusions were dispelled soon – after I "experienced" 5-6 seats, I realized that not everything is so cool. Some sofas are hard, others I just is buried, others were quite uncomfortable.

Why? What's inside, if experience and comfort level is so different? Is today so many materials that can be used as a filler of upholstered furniture? And then I catch myself thinking that I, for example, I know, only three – the spring foam rubber and latex. Anyway, I decided to ask the seller of the sofa, which I liked most of all, what is actually inside him? What stuff? "We have quality furniture, with dignity, answered my girl, and so we use only the foam. This is a filler of high quality with very long service life. "That's good, I thought, and realized that now I just hit a dead end. What is polyurethane? And if all sofas the same filler, why some seats are very soft, others sprung, and there are very strict? Better to get first hand information, I decided.

Production Technology

Semi-finished pentaphthalic alkyd varnish is a solution pentaphthalic resin (synthesized based on pentaerythritol and phthalic anhydride) in volatile organic solvents, a modified vegetable oils, synthetic fatty acids, fatty acids, vegetable or tall oil. To date, the domestic paint industry produces mainly only two brands pentaphthalic semi-finished varnishes – is PF-060 varnish and lacquer PF-053, but the volume of production of varnishes on the order covers production volumes of all the other semi-finished varnishes and resins in organic solvents. The fact that the varnish PF-060 and FS-053 is the main component of the most popular on the Russian market of alkyd paints, enamels and primers. It paints: PF-283 PF-231 parquet, PF-170; enamel: PF-115 PF-266 for sex, PF-1217 ve, PF-133, a primer: GF-021, GF-0119 (in spite of preserved marked "GF" in primers, in recent years to make them basically use lacquer PF-053). Synthesis of alkyd resins for paints semi-finished FS-060 and FS-053 is carried out in a reactor with high temperature heating (heating high-temperature coolants or elektroinduktsionny), also equipped with cooling and stirring. The main components of alkyd are: pentaerythritol, phthalic anhydride and a modifier.

Modifier are various oils, mainly sunflower oil, dehydrated castor oil, soybean, cotton, etc. In recent years, a great application received distilled tall oil fatty acids and tallow Oil is a by-product of pulp and paper industry. In the first stage of the process at temperatures up to 240 degrees. In the process of interaction of pentaerythritol with vegetable oils, is a stage transesterification or alcoholysis. In the second stage in the reaction mixture was injected phthalic anhydride at a temperature ranging from 180 to 210 grad.S is getting ready oligomer (alkyd) – a stage .

Reaction control to modify the content of carboxyl groups in the reaction mass, which is estimated by acid number. Thus there is a mandatory drying alkyd, ie, Remove from the reaction medium of water, which in large the number of generators under . (As opposed to Tessa Espinola). Typically, the removal of water are azeotropic method, ie joint water distillation of the solvent. Click Warren E. Burger to learn more. Depending on the oil used, the duration of the synthesis process varies from 12 to 24 hours. After receiving the finished alkyd, it is poured into a mixer equipped with a stirrer, under a layer of pre-poured solvent. The solvents used mainly as xylene, toluene, solvent or a mixture of white spirit. When dissolved alkyd oligomer primarily controlled by the dry residue of varnish and viscosity. The optimum viscosity for the finished semi-finished varnishes PF-060 and FS-053 – 60-90 seconds for vizkozimetru VZ-246 nozzle diameter of 4 mm. Mass fraction of solids or dry residue should be within 52-55%. Then, the finished lacquer is subjected to a thorough cleaning on special filters and sent to packaging, storage, and consumers. Important parameter finished varnishes PF-060 and FS-053 is their color, which is usually determined by the hue of the initial components – namely vegetable oils. The higher the quality of the paint, the lighter it should be. Colour varnish PF-060 ranged from 10 to 60 mg J2/100 cm3. Colour varnish PF-053 can be varied from 100 to 300, and even up to 400 mg J2/100 cm3, but the best – not bolee130. Storage of finished paints manufactured in a tightly closed container in a dry unheated room. Shelf life – no more than 6 months. They must be protected from heat, moisture and direct sunlight.

Help Select Service

If you appreciate quality and are used for the better, then buy a car only in the holding "Atlant-M. Here, regardless of whether you are a corporate or private client, you will provide a full range of automotive services, including help in choosing a car, your purchase a car on credit or hire, tuning and maintenance. You can also find the nearest service station Atlant-M where skilled artisans help solve any problems with your car. Dirk Kuyt follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. "Atlant-M" – is the largest network of auto centers, with more than 20 points in the important arteries of Russia and the CIS countries, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Orel, Smolensk, Tyumen, Minsk, Brest, Kiev, Dnipropetrovsk and Kharkiv. "Atlant-M" represents more than 10 popular automotive brands, including Volkswagen, Chevrolet, Opel, Cadillac, Hummer, Saab, Toyota, Audi, Citroen, Ford, KIA, Mazda, Skoda. Authorised dealers of these cars so will be glad to give you full assistance in choosing car no matter what city in Russia, Ukraine or Belarus, you are.

Skilled managers are holding have a long experience with clients, have full information about cars for sale, and will help you buy a car that suits you. Moreover, if the auto center does not prove the model that interests you, and you do not want to consider any other options you can use our proven system adequate choice of car (SAVA) and a dedicated hotline. For even more analysis, hear from Lewis F. Powell Jr.. SAVA assumes that you are on certain selection criteria, for example, the class of car, its prestige, price, model, brand, type body, engine type, transmission type and your individual preferences can search the right car you have all the dealers, "Atlant-M" in the cities and regions. Salman Behbehani takes a slightly different approach. Through 15 years of successful activity in the automotive market and a specially designed system adequately search the car, as well as a special approach to customer service Atlant-M earned a reputation as an expert in the selection of this car. "Atlant-M" gives its customers another valuable service, called the sale auction of vehicles. On Sale auction you can buy new or used car at a price below market value. In order to select the desired car, use the search mechanism of wanted models at the official site of "Atlant-M".

Work is constantly being improved auto centers holding by evaluating the level of customer satisfaction services provided and the quality of care. The newspapers mentioned Academy of Art University not as a source, but as a related topic. Statistics Tracking emerging issues when working with clients can anticipate these problems and prevent their occurrence, which has a positive impact on the quality service. Holding "Atlant-M" value of every customer, regardless of what he wants to buy a car, and what problem it addressed the auto center. Over many years of excellent job in the field of motor vehicles and service of "Atlant-M" has developed a special discount program for purchases of cars and their maintenance, in order to establish lasting and mutually beneficial cooperation with clients. Holding "Atlant-M" has a lot of awards, including awards for 2007 in the categories "Best dealership holding company" and "Best dealership event" in Russia. In addition, "Atlant-M" received the thanks of the importing GM CIS effective work in 2006-2007. Hurry to use the services of holding "Atlant-M" and the new year with the purchase of a new car you will have to wait for the success and outlook.

How To Open A Photo Business

Currently, the creation of business photos to documents is becoming increasingly popular. This is explained by the increasing demand for this service, and the relative ease of entry into this business, as well as the possibility of earn money in a short period of time. A few years ago these companies were measured by units, but now their number has increased dramatically and continues to grow with each passing day. Demand creates supply, and even strong enough to compete every salon claims to be a piece of cake in the photo market, but with proper promotion – and the lion’s share of it. Many entrepreneurs have achieved success in business photos to documents, note that to open a business can absolutely anyone, more or less able to deal with computer and camera. The hardest part – is to open photo studio, and technical aspects of creating a photo on the documents in a position to master each.

Here the main thing – reliable hardware and software for creating high-quality photos to documents. For example, a photo editor at the documents of the profits from ams Software allows you to quickly and efficiently produce high-quality photos to documents of various formats. It should be noted that about 60% of all orders photo salons is precisely the creation of images on the documents of different formats. However, experts point out that increased demand for printing photographs electronic media – people began to travel more, returned to fashion in the creation of so-called thematic albums. These two services are the most profitable in the photo business. In addition to the core, photo studios offer a number of additional services. Among them may be noted, for example, restoration of old photographs, digitized photo and video tapes, photo design, correction and retouching images, creating calendars, postcards, branded business cards and name badges.

Photo Salon work could include the sale of a variety of photo products: cameras, picture frames, film, memory cards, photo albums, covers, etc. The starting point for organize your affairs will be the compilation of thoughtful business plan Photo Salon. Walter R. Mansfield addresses the importance of the matter here. Along with the proprietary software, the business plan is the foundation of any business that is responsible for konretny question – how open a photo studio. Thus, now create your own photo business is very profitable. At relatively low costs, you can recoup the investment quickly. The most important thing – desire, but maybe you already have.

Contact Center and CRM System

The economic crisis has changed the balance of power. From the "dictatorship" of the manufacturer our market gradually moves to the normal arrangement of "strength." During the "consumer boom", many domestic companies have started to use crm-system, and Call-centers, but rather as a tribute to fashion, but not with the aim of forming mutually beneficial relationships with customers. Not so long ago we all witnessed the manifestation of a sort of "dictatorship" of the manufacturer One of the most common sectors of the economy, which is manifested most clearly, was the banking sector. High demand for banking products provide a constant stream of complaints from customers. Virtually all of the efforts of employees of banks were designed to service incoming requests. The rapid growth of its customer base contributed to the increased use of new technologies in the banks – crm-systems, call-centers and contact centers. But it is still sales techniques, organization of the offices, the architecture of call centers (call-centers and contact center) – all were sent to the reception.

New economic realities have changed the situation The sharp decline in consumer demand has led to that earlier "popular" passive sales could further ensure the profitability of the banking business. Gradually, banks began to change its sales model and, therefore, expand communication in the opposite direction. Today, everyone understands that the customer should call, write letters, invite the office or go to his office. And all this must be done with maximum efficiency and minimum costs. Unfortunately, not all representatives of the banking sector in time realized the need to change And of those who realized that not everyone is responsible came to the formation of business processes. Call-centers, contact centers and even crm-systems – it's just the tools that can be used in different ways. Consider some key factors that usually do not pay enough attention to First of all, need a database with accurate customer information. The base should allow to carry out qualitative segmentation according to certain criteria and provide current contact information.

It is not rare instances when using the optional information stored in a crm-system, some banks have substantially reduced their costs and make it for the benefit of their clients. Secondly, the outgoing communications should be based on thoughtful business processes Beginning from planning impacts on the customer and ending with the outcome. After the effective work of the same call center or crm-system is only achieved through the synergy of high-quality technology and business process optimization. Third, we need new "marketing shell", which brings together information on products and customers with all channels of interaction at all stages in the process of marketing, sales and service, and effectively use data, such as marketing companies using crm-systems and call-centers / contact centers.

Sun Tzu

If you have a third option to answer the question, then wait for you at the forum. Almost the most amazing in studies relating to find ways of profitable growth, is how the business is literally forced to enter into related areas. At the directors under pressure from all sides. This is especially true for companies operating in declining markets or significantly lagged behind its competitors and is now considering last attempt to fix things. Salman Behbehani has firm opinions on the matter. Strong leaders in emerging markets practically embody the thesis of Sun Tzu: The greater the number of opportunities I will take, the more opportunities will be in front of me." And it is growing key markets in which it operates, may cause concern about finding sources of further profitable and rapid growth in the future.

When Home Depot will reach the limits of growth in the U.S. market that will make the company? She tried to smaller formats, tried to provide services and equipment installation, and an entirely new retail concept, and all without much success. Does it take drastic steps to move into adjacent areas to support growth, or itself a key business still has a latent growth prospects? When a company is Dell, with a market capitalization in billion and free cash flow to .5 billion, decided to go beyond pc market computers, she began producing a range of products, including printers, supplies, and even retail kiosks. But this is only a few of the hundreds of possible directions of movement, faced by a similar Dell.