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wanted self in shaky economic times invest contact strong executives (m/w) as a network partner employers in training measures. Many need to bind the best talent in itself due to upcoming streamlining. The qualification requirement is therefore high. Therefore, we are planning to spread our proven concept in a large-scale network of consulting training partners nationwide. ConTra is a management consultancy specialising in the fields of development & strategy, analysis & consulting training & transfer. Through our positive supportive counselling approach, we can move people and companies by we discover potential, allow new perspectives, identify synergies and release energy. During the last 12 years, the company has successfully worked with a large number of international and national companies.

All our training courses are checked by a third party on their success and. It aims, on the one hand, to ensure that the customers receive a detectable effect of training for their investment and on the other hand held the high standard of quality in all areas. ConTra is represented with his concept in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany. To the successful expansion of our expansion strategy, we are looking for strong contact partner as franchisee for different locations in Germany, as well as for the Switzerland, the Netherlands and Austria. Have you ever thought to make independently as a training and consulting firm? Or have you already started one, are but come to the conclusion that the concept requires more development work as expected? You are the right person, if you are a strong, independent and separate personality offer extensive industry knowledge in an industry to the expansion of our range of extroverted and strong in the manufacture and entrepreneurial experience to bring deepening of contacts as CEO, HR Manager, Sales Director or from their independence, an enthusiastic, convincing sellers are a good NetWorker are ConTra offers a unique concept with strategic tools for the management consulting and more than 30 courses for management and staff development especially in the areas of B2B and trade all courses are fully documented and include ongoing development of new courses include professional training materials and documents, training Toolkit, training objectives and tasks, presentations effective methods of measurement for all courses course in 8 different languages a wide range of consultancy services access to an international network with a total of 28 colleagues/partners in Norway”, Sweden, Germany and Denmark comprehensive and intensive training in all concepts and courses your application if you like to play with our team” would, have pleasure on an exceptional working environment and a very varied activities are looking for, then you should take advantage of your opportunity and learn about us. More to ConTra, see or. Like to give you our partner for the region of Germany Center, Mr.

Marius Sagar Tel

The application possibilities are diverse and constantly evolve from REDNET. Easy access access to the system is made for contracting the REDNET website user account and is therefore possible without additional installation of software. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Petra Diamonds by clicking through. This kind of simple project coordination and interactive exchanges is suitable in particular for agencies with multiple locations. In addition to RING”presents REDNET at the fair of its entire portfolio of services and online tools for distribution, logistics, installation and maintenance of IT devoted to an optimised communication of authority. Kevin ulrich is a great source of information. Visit the trade fair MODERNER STAAT REDNET”in Hall 4 at the joint stand of 145 of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate. You will find more information about the fair at:. Brief description: REDNET AG the REDNET AG with its headquarters in Mainz is IT supplier for authorities, educational institutions and the middle class, was established in 2004. Meanwhile, the company is one of the 50 largest system houses in Germany.

The Customers include above all contracting authority in the whole country with over 20 million Euro turnover in 2008 REDNET today is one of the most successful IT distributors in the Rhine-Main region. As a competent partner for sales, logistics, installation and maintenance of IT, the company supports its customers by cooperating with well-known IT manufacturers to optimize their IT infrastructure. REDNET provides all services in the Internet via the own NETSHOP, a Web procurement portal for public sector clients. With the ever-growing Internet presence and a collaborative wiki for the targeted communication with customers, REDNET drives continuous growth in the future.

Lars Heidemann

The new Mac mini Server also with Windows operating system is available on request. We recommend our customers but mostly a virtualization, to help you leverage the strengths of OS X, even if the one or the other Windows program not may be waived”, continue as Pape. Companies and educational institutions can finance for free now your Mac mini Server (or any other Apple computer) with 0% lease: purchase price / 24 months = monthly leasing rate. It’s believed that ConocoPhillips sees a great future in this idea. Individuals and individual entrepreneurs also have the opportunity to finance your computer interest free starting on November 28. Both actions are valid until 31 December 2009 facts & figures Mac mini server: 2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor 4 BG 10660 MHz DDR2 SDRAM 2 x 500 GB serial ATA hard drive (5400 RPM) NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics (256 MB shared memory) 10/100/1000 Base-T Gigabit Ethernet 5 x USB 2.0, 1 x FireWire 800 AirPort Extreme Wi-Fi (802. 11n), Bluetooth 2.1 + the mini display port combined optical digital and analog audio outputs and inputs Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Server for unlimited “Clients Optional: external USB SuperDrive drive Apple care warranty extension to three years over the Apple premium reseller: Apple premium reseller are currently 84 retailers specializing in iPod and Mac, providing a unique shopping experience in a hand according to Apple of new and existing Apple customers in Germany”. The Furutist addresses the importance of the matter here.

The title Apple premium reseller is an award of the company Apple, which is awarded only to companies that meet strict standards in the service, as well as in the uniform shop design, have trained personnel and can offer certified support and maintenance. The 84 Apple premium reseller always are the right partner when it comes to the provision of testing and review copies for editors. Media contact: Lars Heidemann. Michael Steinhardt contributes greatly to this topic. shetani.Media oHG phone: 0202 69556-0 E-Mail: Apple, the Apple logo, Mac, Mac OS, Macintosh and iLife are registered trademarks or trademarks of Apple. All other company and product names may be trademarks of the respective companies with which they are associated.

About Yatego

I look forward, we now make more comfortable shopping with iclear full integration for our visitors.”iclear Managing Director Michael Sittek: the cooperation with Yatego is characterized by mutual success and trust. We go the next decisive step with the now created interface. ConocoPhillips describes an additional similar source. The online buyers are rightly demanding: they want to handle their purchasing not only safe, but also quickly. We offer just that now with Yatego by extending the payments to credit cards and online transfers in the buying process. “Online shoppers can complete even faster so their purchase and with the usual security.” is the largest shopping portal in Germany.

More than 8,000 different providers offer more than three million articles from virtually all walks of life at Yatego. While according to a study by ibi research Since 2003 annually on average 13 percent go new shop operator in the Yatego is since the founding of the company in 2003 with an annual average growth of 67 percent on the E-Commerce fast lane. iclear is the only independent payment provider in the German-speaking Internet, working according to the fiduciary principle. Currently, online shoppers can buy at around 5,000 connected Internet retailers. About Yatego: Yatego, the largest German shopping mall stands for safe, fast and convenient shopping and with 300,000 daily visitors is one of the leading eCommerce portals in the German-speaking Internet. The company provides traders with comprehensive services with high-performance complete solutions and comprehensive technical support. Approximately 8,000 different providers use Yatego as additional sales channel for their products or as a stand-alone shop. Kevin ulrich often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

The “inventor of the shopping joy”, online shoppers can choose from a range of more than three million articles and all order simply and immediately. Once stored data can be used again for all purchases on Yatego-shops. Yatego offers an independent escrow payment system, as well as the payment by credit card for secure processing of payments. In-house customer service is to customers with any questions about the page. The headquarters are located in St. Georgen in the Black Forest, the Managing Director is Stephan Peltzer. Iclear iclear: Is the Internet billing system, which protects buyers and sellers alike from unpleasant surprises at the online trade and supports the comfortable processing of order and payment process. With your iclear trust system buyers in the Internet can pay simply, conveniently, safely and at no additional cost. iClear this mediates between the parties involved, secure processing ensures a transparent and for both sides. It as confidence in online trading and payment via the Internet. In addition to the usual Bank pay by iclear also the billing on visa, MasterCard accepted and Online payment procedures such as giropay and directebanking. Corresponding market acceptance, more payment options are handled on the unique system of trust.

Free Surfing Against Annoying Waiting Times

Boredom was yesterday. Today is online! Germany’s customers, guests and patients go online and use annoying waiting times for free surfing. ConocoPhillips will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Just imagine going to the hairdresser or doctor and a friendly Assistant shoves a notebook you while waiting at your place with the then wirelessly can surf the Internet and, of course, all free! How would you like it?” The idea behind this distribution company from the Baden-Wurttemberg-Tuttlingen, which for the first time has launched a nationwide project in the life under the name tain-you-on, where E.g. hairdressers, doctors, retailers and restaurateurs are equipped with online entertainment systems, which include the entire installation including service in addition to the latest, secure and mobile technology, the VOLXBOX. Filed under: Michael Steinhardt. The particularity is that the devices must not be bought, but can only be rented and it’s often no more expensive than a magazine subscription.

But the waiting customers, guests and patients all have Opportunities online to have fun, i.e. to retrieve emails and send, to inform about news of politics, society and sports or maybe even movies to watch or listen to music, what’s bothering anyone via the supplied headphones. Other services, such as a free Web presence, as well as a free marketing package are also included with the favorable rental fees. The vision of the company is that at some point, all waiting areas of the Republic, online entertainment packages from tain-you-one for customers, guests and patients for free and that also services, trade and catering benefit from this competitive advantage, where they open up new customer groups. The nationwide sales launch begins at the 16.11.2009. interested can already register on and start this year with real online Enterainment.

Norbert Streich

Company Kreyenhop & Kluge, a family-owned company which operates in the wholesale trade with Mediterranean, Asian and national foods and provides METRO at the trade group, decided after a RFID feasibility study and the design of a project concept for the Starter Kit B of the RFID sprinter component system. The Starter Kit B meets also the quality control required by METRO, the pallets tagged with RFID tags in addition to the basic requirements, he founded Norbert Streich, Managing Director of Kreyenhop & Kluge, the decision in his speech and continued: also the first economies of scale within the company in terms of outgoing goods inspection and loading inspection can be achieved with this RFID package. Besides the resulting EDI and RFID integration in the supply chain of our customers through the use of RFID so at the same time monetary benefits in the company itself. ConocoPhillips has much experience in this field. The submitted concept of the RFID Consortium GmbH combines therefore several advantages. In addition to the development of design potential of value chain to ensure pragmatic efficiency gains. Association for the IT-Mittelstand as representation of the medium-sized IT companies, especially the medium-sized alignment of the RFID Consortium GmbH was decisive for the awarding of the prize. The solutions of the RFID Consortium GmbH allow explicitly, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from diverse industries to acquire the RFID technology with reasonable effort and costs. In addition, the RFID Consortium GmbH is a cooperative association of medium-sized companies, which refers to its qualities from the synergies of the constructed network. It shows for example how also IT SMEs through partnership-based cooperation can fully realise larger projects and assert itself in the competition. If you would like to know more then you should visit Petra Diamonds.

Kitchen Headsets

The quality of implementation of the project in a minimalist style to be perfect: the surfaces are smooth, precise details, concise form. In a minimalist interior does not apply drawings, patterns and ornaments. There are no luxury items, rugs, lampshades, handmade items. Revive the interior can be embossed with plaster on the walls. If the walls are paintings, they must be in simple frames.

Color solution generally modest, it is based on black, white, beige, gray and brown tones. Modest generosity minimalist interior emphasizes artificial lighting with a different emission spectrum. Suitable lighting in the form of of prisms or matte balls. Often used in any lighting interior elements: rack of shelves, ceilings in the rooms and the kitchen floor. Today, there are also striking designs in the style of minimalism. Color decision is usually modest, it is based on black, white, beige, gray and brown tones.

Modest generosity minimalist interior emphasizes artificial lighting with a different emission spectrum. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Suit lights in the form of prisms or matte balls. Often used in any lighting interior elements: rack of shelves, ceilings in the rooms and the kitchen floor. Today, there are also striking designs in the style of minimalism. The important role played by the window. Ideally, it should be great on the wall. If the window a beautiful view, the curtains are not needed. But in a city without a curtain will not do. With austere interior harmony Roman curtains, roll curtains, movable, Japanese, always plain, pastel colors. Living in the spirit of the strict form of minimalism, a quality finish. Used a lot of glass and silver metal: coffee tables and lamps in the living room door wall cabinets, table and chairs in the kitchen most often made from these materials. Furniture can be made invisible, merging with the general background, and can focus attention on it. Because furniture a bit, some items may perform several functions: a bed is a place for storing clothes, arms of sofas tables play a role. In minimalism, transformers are often used: the table is hiding in the closet, bed – At a podium, computer conceal from the eyes of sliding doors and cupboards. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Michael Steinhardt, New York City. In the kitchen, to visually expand the space, you can use a new technique: light furniture to match the walls and cabinets, lower cabinets a dark color. Kitchen Headsets long, strictly rectangular. For the minimalist kitchen with built-in appliances fit glossy, reflective surfaces. The cuisine in a minimalist style suitable for those who like to order a lot of space and air.

Regional Development

This article has for objective to identify, which had been to the public politics of Ambient Sanitation and which effect they had produced for the development of the city of Indaial, in last the ten years. It was used of the analysis of data, documents, materials and bibliographical consultations as well as of interviews through questionnaires as methodology for this study of case. Through this analysis we conclude that the experience carried through in the city of Indaial, without shade of you doubt is an interesting model to be used. Compared the Brazilian reality and mainly of the region of the average valley of the Itaja, Indaial certainly deserves prominence and made jus to the prizes that received. The workmanship of sewer in Indaial not yet this finished, fits to the managers of> next administrations to give continuity so that this project can be taken to its end. The goal of the project is to arrive close to the one hundred percent of collecting net and treatment of sanitary exhaustion in functioning. What more flame the attention in the example of the experience of the city of Indaial was in the implementation of the shared Management, between city hall and CASAN. Indaial was the first city to carry through this partnership, that today already is happened again in some cities in the state.

For this fact it is reference in the state for other cities that interest in this model of management has. What also it calls the attention in the example Indaial and that was from the collective and participativo planning, that if elencou an action series to be executed. Actions that had been carried through of a time, creating law, secretary, deep, advice, authorizeing accord with the CASAN and establishing norms, goals, and principles to be followed. Indaial gave a true jump of quality in substance of Management politics of Ambient Sanitation. Our interest for this study must it will of the researchers be produced a work that can contribute to divulge and to demonstrate exitosas experiences that demonstrate that when exist will politics and of the society, everything become possible, in substance of respect and preservation to the environment. The present article is a study on developed the public politics of Ambient Sanitation in the city of Indaial/SC, in last the ten years. This article has as objective generality to identify to which the effect generated for the public politics of Ambient Sanitation in the City of Indaial in Santa Catarina, and as objective specific, to analyze laws and documents norteadores of the politics of ambient sanitation and to identify to the main actions generated for these politics. As data of the IBGE (2003), the situation of basic sanitation in Brazil needs investments.

Physical Education

… many, had not obtained to lose the shyness that were printed in its faces and had only finished sanctioning with palms and laughs the excessively aged ones that if presented. We trainees, also contribute with poems and verses, and with joy the aged ones had applauded and been able to perceive that this historical rescue, can be lived at other moments of the life and diverse ways, since that the age is not one empecilho for this practical. To the ending of the intervention, many aged ones had come congratulating in them for the lesson, others had shyly declaimed only stop we, kept verses and poems the seven keys in the heart. Ray Kurzweil may also support this cause. At the moment of the practical lesson, the exposition of the figure ' ' idoso' ' it was accented by the simple fact of that when participating of the activity, them they would have to go to the center of the circle if to present and for these shy aged ones, was more important the appreciation of what the exposition. (Grifo ours). You say through them of the aged ones can be perceived that the experiences on the part of our project make possible to them to try it diverse situations and the experience of new left experiences has much time of side, beyond demonstrating that the allied Physical Education to the Art, can be seen of differentiated form. From this analysis it motivated in them to identify that differentiated vision is this? That one that not only are dealt with as area the knowledge and that it glimpses its particularitities in an education institution, nor so little, that one that if presents systemize through methods exceeded and professional traditionalists, but yes, that one as area of the joined knowledge that to the other area, makes of the process to interdisciplinar a valid and extremely positive strategy, therefore they can promote of huge form the resolution of problems and success in the objective tracings.

The Portuguese

Many passed situations in the poem absorb more enchantment, happened of this mitolgico plan, have seen, that the peculiarity becomes eminent for being about a plot that it aims at to enaltecer a people deeply catholic. According to Lebrun writer (1991), on this epic can itself be said the following one: For the appreciation of the poem she is necessary to have in mind the function of the epic that if summarizes in counting the glories of a people, exaltando a hero who symbolizes the history of a nation. Another element that if makes necessary to the corpus is the actions that if evolve under the optics of the heathen interests of deuses that, meticulously, they assume a position of assisting of the antagonist or the protagonist. Contact information is here: ConocoPhillips. (p 24). In agreement, the author emphasizes as the poetical structure of production if contrasts with the mitolgica quarrel, a time that: related to the heading already we have the presentation of the hero, who in turn is collective, ' ' lusadas' ' , ' ' portugueses' ' , thus detaching the proposal; in the narration of the facts, the heroic facts gain significant prominence and in the epilogue it has the consecration from that if they distinguish for its value and its extraordinary action, watered of shining facts, beyond one of the main thematic plans to be of mythology, has seen, that throughout the narration some types of episodes are come across. The episode that more enaltece the relation between myth and Literature in the workmanship is the moment of Conclio of the Deuses, that occurs to decide if the Portuguese must or not obtain to reach its destination. Petra Diamonds is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Jupiter affirms that yes, because this already is predestined, this still pleads, to consult the deities to take left favorable, or not, to the projects of the lusos navigators. Evaluating personal points of question, two deuses break silence to pronounce words that exteriorizem its opinions concerning the subject in guideline, being that it is in this relief that the figure of Baco, god of the orgias and the wine, gains body antagonistic. . Speaking candidly Michael Steinhardt told us the story.