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Set Up And Succeed – Founder Country Germany?

Founders week – event in Magdeburg on the 18.11.2010 completely plain talk, ask, and of course tell. Everything you need! … to the reasons and successfully be focussing on 2: part 1: from the practice for the practice – to budding dream and reality of business from entrepreneurs women entrepreneurs entrepreneurship or self-employment – how does it work? Not first do you dream of the big money – but you want to be just business independently. You want to implement your own ideas, offer new solutions, be creative. So you want to know especially by entrepreneurs with extensive experience: How do I become an entrepreneur or an entrepreneur? What is professionally and privately so different than for employees for entrepreneurs? who helps me with what first steps? What steps I will professionally independent?-what are the advantages of cooperation with other entrepreneurs in the establishment? Part 2: Learn from others – founders introduce themselves and their companies- Here, there are surprise guests.

And you have the opportunity to speak that have a total years experience as entrepreneurs about XXL closely and directly with entrepreneurs at the same time. Here it will be exciting, because additional surprise guests are question and answer. The entrepreneur Carmen Niebergall (Ambassador for the female entrepreneurship in the EU and country Director of the BWA) and the Director of the IAB-DM, Dagmar Meinz want to talk loose and relaxed with establishment of interested parties and maintain the Exchange. More information: gruenderwoche.pdf contact: Dagmar Meinz: venue: November 18, 2010, 17:00 ecos office center magdeburg, 39104 Magdeburg, conference room 3rd floor, Hegel Road 39.

Employer Branding As A Competitive Advantage

Today more than ever before, companies are seminars on the optimum marketing strategy in the competition for good workers. One that applies to the employees, often spending time and money has flowed in their training and who should therefore be kept in the company. On the other hand, companies in finding personnel want to draw on a largest possible pool of applicants, to actually find the best candidates. To present themselves as perfectly compared to employees and potential candidates, the employer branding is an extremely important component. Introduction to the subject at the Academy of wilted at the in-house Academy the wilting Consulting GmbH organizes seminars to a whole range of different topics. Among other things, entrepreneurs and executives here have the opportunity to learn more about the subject of employer branding. In a pleasant atmosphere, top-class lecturers give tips and advice that can be very valuable for companies.

This information can be then in many cases very easily in practice implement but would have been the most involved of alone might not only. Extensive content of the seminar basics and benefits first of all the question is clarified within the framework of this seminar, what understanding employer branding is exactly under the slogan. The relationship between the brand and the employer is an important distinction, also be faced recruitment marketing and employer branding. What building blocks and tools in the context of recruitment can be used and what examples in practice, there is also the content. Employees gain and long term bind the company in addition to the basics attracting and retaining of employees are important objectives. Here, you have answered the question first which target groups should really be addressed.

It then can be set their expectations and defines the brand values, which lead to a successful corporate identity. For current employees is also the slogan of employer Value management is important. The alignment of the working conditions to the needs of the employees is described with this term. Employer branding similar to it on the Internet and in the field of online marketing even when the employer branding many ways with those companies on the Internet as a brand can present themselves. This suited for example the various social networks with which you each can be directed to different target groups. In addition belong to one such appearance is an important characteristic of social networks, which here an interactive communication takes place, which can also lead to negative feedback guidelines for dealing with potential crises finally.