Internet Vocabulary

Vocabulary trainer AZ6-1 offers extensive rewards program regularly there are around the vocabulary trainer AZ6-1 new innovations. This time, the Internet-shop of the software has been improved again. Recently installed the Tellja-referral service in the shop, by means of which each customer his friends and acquaintances his favorite products from the range can recommend. Credit: Cross River Bank-2011. A purchase is made on the basis of a recommendation, waving great rewards, such as discount coupons and gift vouchers. And the whole thing is just making sure that it has issued a good recommendation to his friends. And here again the best reasons to recommend AZ6 1: pronunciation perfect using the new audio feature (USB version) maximum mobility through micro size (USB version) vocabulary and learning even creatable learning in the efficient Klassenarbeits or long term memory mode for quick start the PC start numerous fonts of keyboard of hot keys to control Launcher supported, E.g.: Cyrillic, Asian and Arabic characters in vacation mode Extensive learning statistics merge user interface customizable complete backup and restore in seconds export and import function for vocabulary by third parties several 10,000 words of different languages available online and much more… So not like go and collect bonuses!