Nikolai Belov

In particular, the architect Nikolai Belov said that she – like the traces of past life, like the wrinkles of laughter and sadness on the face. " Those who want to create in your home a truly unique environment, we can advise Murals. In the interior, it creates a special charm and originality, can solve design space in a sophisticated and refined style. Wall painting recreates the various effects can mask the unwanted tabs or extra doors, turn the wall into the prospect of leaving in the garden or the sea. A variety of ornaments, pictures, objects, animal and genre scenes make it possible to enjoy the atmosphere of different countries, cultures and times. For murals and quality of paint used, resistant to abrasion and fading. Work performed by such dyes are not require special care and will last two to three decades. By "home centenarians today can be attributed, and a window.

According to experts propleks Group, Russia's largest manufacturer of pvc window-profile of Austrian technology and frames of polyvinyl chloride can serve more than half a century. In particular, the operation of the profile proplex is 60 years. The window is increasingly becoming a real highlight of the interior. Made in an arched form or with shades of wood, translucent structures today pay more attention to themselves designers. For example, a spectacular touch to the interior will be the French windows (to sex) from a dark profile. If the type of window in this picturesque enough, then this technique will help to further decorate the room.