Name Hosting

CMS – a kind of constructors, where the right place to insert the planned content of your site. But to think that the designers do not work by themselves, and this is where your lack of knowledge of databases and other clever things you can do a disservice. Do not worry in advance, in the Internet based world there are plenty of sites offering support like you who are studying on the go. The path to the Internet. Domain and hosting should say a few words about how all the beauty you have created at home on your computer falls into the world wide web. To locate a site in Internet, you need to find him a home there. But before you look for a house, to determine the name of the site. Believe me, it's really important.

The name of the site is called a domain. The domain is bought for money, and then your site will be named after the type, or is free, and the name becomes Issued (or sold – it all depends on what type of name you choose yourself) names on hosting – a special site on the Internet, performing support work your site, or the names purchased from a registrar's name, and then the full owner of the site name get you and only you. Unlike them apart is that when registering your hosting provider when you run the risk of transferring your domain name to another hosting (well, you never know, you lose one's attraction this city, in another go!) lose the domain because the hoster does not want to give it to you, or will be a long time to pull and comb your nerves. Buying the same domain in domain name registrar makes you independent from any of the virtual city – your home on wheels where you want to and are going.

(Here it should be noted that very often on the Internet offers hosting – Providers of Granting the domain of the form free if you pay a hosting for a year. Do not buy, remember that the miser pays twice!) Hosting fee, the choice of the Internet great, but we must be careful, however, as in ordinary life. There is also a free web hosting, where you get the name of the site and type But we should remember that in a free hosting site you have not a serious build, besides there is often not all required for full site technical indicators. However, as a launch pad for beginners, free hosting is even suitable. Here is a brief description of where did come from and how to create websites. It should be said that the description really short, illuminating only the most basic concepts. Saitostroitel'stva process – a serious, difficult task that requires constant work, study and training. If you are setting up an easy labor – is not for you. Of course, if you want to create a truly interesting and attractive for visitors (a visitor – he is a god on the internet, believe me, everything is for him!), A site that will bring you a small but a nice income, then you have to work a lot, but "the road by walking." I wish you success and joy of accomplishment!