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Experts in computer science from the Autonomous University of Queretaro (UAQ) applied artificial intelligence techniques in the design of a system of monitoring to sort the particulate pollutants and will predict the quality of the air in real time. Developed technology projected concrete data on atmospheric pollutants that are prevalent in large cities, mainly, and information obtained will help to propose a better urban planning and industrial development ordered for Filterqueen. Dr. Marco Antonio Aceves Fernandez, owner of the project and researcher at the Faculty of Informatics (FI-UAQ), said that they expect the results to impact positively on public health policies due to the sufferings that generates this problem Filterqueen. For this reason, the expert explained that the idea is to design a system of monitoring by using support vector machines; that is, a mechanism that allows add atmospheric behaviour data obtained from some areas geographical and from certain Filterqueen. And through artificial intelligence establish a model that classify contaminant particles, and favors in the prediction of the quality of the air in real time, he said the engineer also..