Word-key in research If has a research that you use frequently (the system of search of the Wikipdia, for example), exists a tool that few people use. Click with the right button in the box of search, gives to the word-key an easy name to write and to keep (for example dog ) and saves. 3.

Deletar item of the bar of addresses the function to show the addresses visited in the bar of addresses is useful, but some times you do not want definitive address appearing there. When the box with the addresses to appear, only selects the address with the arrow for low presses Delete user.js in the folder where he is its navigator and to modify options that can even though leave the navigator fastest. 5. about: config Digite about: config in the bar of addresses and modifies hundreds of configurations of its Firefox. Clearly, it does not go to leave clicando for there without knowing what to make. It sees a list of tips here (and one in following mine post). 6. The ready Fasterfox increases the speed of the Firefox Instale and! You do not go to repent yourself.

7. It has limited the use of the RAM If the Firefox very uses of the memory RAM in its PC, you can limit its use. Again, it types about: config searchs the entrance browser.cache and selects browser.cache.disk.capacity and clicando with the right button, I will choose New option Boolean . gives to the name of.