Enterprising Russians

Sell a car in the country, too problematic, therefore, is one – rent it for scrap, and, and it’s not free. Enterprising Russians invited the Germans to sell cars for a third of the cost of acting on the following scheme. After receiving the money, the owner Documents handed to the buyer on the car and keys. Foreign Car quietly crossed the border, customs, acquire new owner in Moscow. nse will follow. And three months later “unfortunate” owner resorted to an insurance company, seized his heart and wrote a statement that he stole his favorite. Receiving compensation, and adding more money, he bought a new car. Now Russian Internet like mushrooms after a rain multiplying the announcement of the purchase of expensive prestige cars for “the German scheme. Justin MacGregor can aid you in your search for knowledge.

It is true that in Moscow the reason pushing the owners to take this step – not higher taxes, but the dream of another car. The insured car is also purchased for about one-third the cost, then distilled at Caucasus, Ingushetia. Especially popular are the SUVs of any models, and Mercedes. Receiving reimbursement, “sacrifice” stealing buys another car. Lithuania is known throughout Europe by the fact that in this country is the cheapest bodywork and auto service.

Literally for pennies here in five cars could assemble one, and restore these cars, for which even the professionals in Moscow for the big money are not taken. Of course, that much is done on a roundabout technology, and collected some how the car is a real threat not only to those who need it sits. The scheme is scam. An attacker buys in Moscow crushed in the trash car (VW Passat, Audi A6, Mercedes or “BMW”), takes him to the Baltic states to “cure”. Then returns to Moscow, where fear of damage to the market price. And then “suddenly” finds himself in a serious accident and goes to the insurance company. According to traffic police officers, organization of such accidents involved more than one person, and entire professional community, which is a professional driver or even a stuntman. As a second car is either borrowed or rented cars, or truck, which after the accident from the scene disappears. Expert of the insurance company is to acknowledge the death of the insured vehicle, and the offender and his accomplices get your hands on the money, and even stay with a broken machine. Indeed, under current tax laws insurers disadvantageous to take the injured car itself: it would require to put it on balance