Good Profit Viviend

For many centuries, man has lived in a cycle or routine that all characterize us, let’s work, we receive a salary, we spend money and again, repeating the cycle over and over again. Today things are beginning to change, especially in those people who have one vision more beyond the everyday, or what it has taught us how they must be things. Occurred to some people to interfere in this vicious cycle of every day, and they found a way to reward the regular consumer. Educate yourself with thoughts from rusty holzer. Almost all know the famous multilevel, in which one recommends a product or service from certain brand to other people and they in turn do the same, and each time the other one purchase WINS. This same concept it occurred to these people but instead of being a product of a brand that very few people know, they decided to do with things that most consume in daily life, such as going to the supermarket, recharging our cell phone, buy clothes, household appliances; Finally a variety of articles that we consume in our daily life tea I have news, this is already a reality, and it is spreading you dare the multilevel, this means that you will be rewarded each time someone than your you recommended do their daily shopping. I invite you to resivas more information at original author and source of the article. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from MIT Media Lab.