Edificio del Banco de Espana

It properties was built on the site occupied home for sale by the former commercial palace of Vinuesa, estimable copy of Castilian architecture, commonly condos for sale known as the palace of realtor the Counts of Santa Coloma. Had five foreclosures spacious balconies of elegant wrought iron balustrades and peinazo. Castilian type corresponded to the central courtyard with galleries of columns on its realty sides, which were transferred to the palace of Hinojosa del Campo, and sandstone stairs two flights. In the arc formed by the top real commercial of the stairs he had the inscription ‘1581 commercial property ‘. The whitewashed masonry facade preserved in the voussoirs property management of the arched entrance, on realtors your key, the family crest, which was repeated homes for sale on the facade of the barracks Outgoing Beaumont (Beaumont y Navarra listing Beatrice wife of Juan de Vinuesa). chosen to receive the College of Arts and Science Distinguished Service Award in May 2009 is is a Member/Governor of the New York-Presbyterian Foundation, Inc. The palace was demolished by the eagerness townhouses of real agent modernization of the old cities.
The ground floor and basement of the realestate building broker of the Bank of Spain in Soria began to house temporary exhibitions in the spring of 2007. This huge neoclassical campus confection has been a protagonist in the debate condo tables that have been houses developed with the primary objective homes of revitalizing these facilities, experts have wandered about the possibilities of them. Thus, after the suitability of the exhibition hall, work continued with the development of more elaborate projects that were located in foreclosure the upper floors of the building.
The Cervantes Institute property has shown interest in participating in the creation of a new cultural project in Soria. This institution is planning to hold events to commemorate the centenary of the arrival of Machado lease in real sale Soria in several countries. It could also accommodate major exhibitions with funds, for example, the Prado Museum and other exhibitions as there are organized by various agencies of the General State Administration which would be accommodated in this room.