For the rest, this God shakes his only thought all things (fragment B 25). In the interpretation of this assertion, which seems a first formulation of divine omnipotence, not agree philologists. Jaeger sees this ability to move with his own immobility, a first formulation of the unmoved mover of Aristotle, however, indicate Julia Eggers Lan and more of a difference between these conceptions, as the mover moves passively Fowler, by virtue of being loved. Kirk, Raven and Schofield point out some similarity between this passage and Iliad I, 530, where the Olympian Zeus shakes with the movement of his head. Reminiscence homerica extends to the idea that the gods can carry out his plans for mortals, simply insufflators blindness. Idea still Aeschylus’ Sitting makes his thought, without moving from his holy throne. “