Curriculum Vitae

Licenciatura Ricardo Candela these houses in the street and you sound your mobile phone: If alo. Consultant: Good are ABC human resources consultancy. You: If consultant: you have received your Curriculum Vitae for the post of accountant: If consultant: we are starting the recruitment process, and for that we need to know their economic aspirations. You: You want to know how much I want to win? Consultant: If you: how much do you offer? Consultant: We do not have that information, our client has not given this information, so we want to know how much you want to win? Pausing. You that would respond? I inform you that companies always know how much should be paid by a post. There is no serious consultancy that make calls to make that question, because it is part of the profile demanded by its customers.

So why make it? For three reasons. The first would like to know how much you value the market?. It is a kind of disposable tactic of psychological concept. According to some specialists, the economic value associated with the personal value. I disagree with this, since there are variables that affect or pressuring wanting to make a good impression.

Either you is up, or is down. The second: seeks to which least requests. It is a simple strategy and practice. That’s what you ordered. It is a response to an applicant in a company who announced that the job required too much commitment, requested a variation in their wage aspiration. Third: to group candidates. It usually sits the candidate into three groups according to variables such as: experience, studies, family burden, availability and salary.Depending on that factor will give more weight, an applicant can complete in the first group: meets the conditions a priori for the post. or a third group: gathers some requirements a priori for the post.