Closed Circuit Television

As a general rule, access control design for the needs of your organization, particular office, but you can use and types of solutions. Agency specialists economic security, "FORT" will pick you the best access control system for your organization, will produce professional installation and assembly of ACS, will ensure sound operation and servicing of the system. At Petra Diamonds you will find additional information. CCTV CCTV (Closed Circuit Television – CCTV) is one of the most common and widely used security systems. In recent years, CCTV has become an integral function of the full security of the object, as the modern video equipment can not only observe and record video, but also to program the reaction of the whole security system with the appearance of disturbing events. Depending on the type of video surveillance equipment is divided into analog and digital. Analog systems are used where necessary to equip a small number of surveillance at the premises and information from a camcorder to record on a VCR.

To organize the security of critical or geographically-distributed objects using digital video surveillance systems, which are usually mounted in a complex security system. Such systems capture, record and analyze information coming from cameras, card readers and access control, security and fire detectors, and "decide" to ensure the safety of the protected object in standalone mode or as directed by the operator system. Digital Video Surveillance System is used in security systems geographically distributed objects as well as in the complexes of the safety management of global companies. Now digital technology CCTV gradually "jostle" analog system for functional and technical specifications, and on its price is already close to the value of the analog video surveillance systems. Features, specifications and equipment for video surveillance systems, ranging from demands being placed on the customer to object security. Modern CCTV systems are a collection of several technical devices: – Device get video (black and white or color, analog and digital cameras) – the video display devices (monitors) – recorders (digital video recorders pictures: digital video recorders DVR, NVR Network Video Recorder, etc.) – control devices (multiplexers, matrix switchers, control panels PTZ, etc.) in larger CCTV systems are installed and additional control additional devices – matrix switchers, keyboards, control cameras, video printers, distribution amplifiers, modulators, telemetry transmitters and receivers, and other security devices.