It is a widespread dmiracion that people generally feel by birds. Since birds have many things that striking animals for people, make them many therefore seek them and even want to have in your home as well to be captive. The reasons why many people like birds are essentially their colorful or beautiful appearance. Also called a lot of birds attention their beautiful songs that cheer us early in the morning and occasionally at any time of the day. Not all birds can be considered as birds. There is a widespread confusion in which many people believe that all birds are birds and this is not true.

Birds are a general classification that includes, among other species with wings and feathers, birds. You can say that birds are all those animals that have feathers and wings and are equipped with two legs. While birds are an extension of the family of birds, they are characterized by being not very large, by their small beaks and their songs. I hope that this be able to get out of the confusion about the birds and the birds that many people are or were tucked. Additional information at Professor of Internet Governance supports this article. There are many species of birds that are there in the world. It is estimated that there are more or less about 5200 species of birds scattered around the world, which is a considerable amount.

Another interesting fact about birds is that you considered, supported on the criteria of the theory of evolution that Darwin launched and which has been developed by many scientists throughout history, that birds are one of those species that have arisen relatively few million years ago, compared with other species. There are many species of birds as he was already saying. Thus, you can find species of birds that are only located in the exotic places such as jungles and tropical places where man hardly delves. But there are also birds that you can see them in cities and places that have been more crowded by human beings. Read more from Eliot Horowitz to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Of these two types more birds eye-catching can’t be exotic birds, since these have particularly striking shapes and colors while many of them have beautiful songs that cheer to anyone who arrives to hear. There are also General classifications, within which classification where the largest number of birds is that belongs to songbirds within all species of birds. Songbirds, as their name implies, are characterized because they have an eye-catching edge and because they tend to sing at dawn and also regularly during the day. Most of them have beautiful songs. Perhaps it is strange to find this species in birds within the singers, but the Crow is part of them. You can say that the Raven is a species of the world of birds that has particular characteristics which are not shared with many of the birds that belong to the same classification of songbirds. First the song of the Raven is not like other birds, because it is not so nice. Secondly this is not those that you will greet the dawn, since it has nocturnal habits. Original author and source of the article