World Meeting

Last week was held in Valencia in V world meeting of families. For even more opinions, read materials from Bobby kotick. My son, who is newly married, and his wife attended the conclusion of the meeting as a newly created family (and with great potential) to grow. I went as a mother, mother-in-law and future grandmother. (Not to be confused with Petra Diamonds!). We were three of the pilgrims in a huge concentration of more than one million and a half. In Spain, when you go to any event, a meeting, or simply sales for change of scenery, is normal that you ask: you have fun?.

How predictably already have done me this question more than once. I had to think my answer carefully so it is not strange, because the truth is that I not enjoyed. The experience has been of pilgrimage with all that entails. It was hard, however it had some positive aspects that I’m still discovering. We had left Madrid coach to eight o’clock in the morning (of course, our day began several hours before). The weather forecast for the weekend was heat, with the temperature increase and clear skies, as it is normal in most of Spain during this time of the year. This meant lots of Sun and temperatures of over 35 degrees and the forecast turned out to be certain. The Sun in all its power and a sweltering heat accompanied us all the way.

The preparations for our annual pilgrimage had been conducted in the new environment Foundation. We set off in two buses to Valencia more than 100 people, adults, youth and children. On the way to Valencia we were going to stop to eat in Turis, a village in the province about 35 miles from our destination. The families of the parish of Turis had offered to welcome us into their homes. They gave us to eat and offered beds to those who did not want to sleep outdoors in Valencia in the area enabled for the pilgrims.