In Germany will be closely monitored, what mobile phone providers will offer this special SIM cards that iPad offered officially in the United States since April 3 and according to media reports already more than 300,000 devices have been sold to the launch on the 1st day. In Germany, the launch is pending and is expected for the end of April. Insider currently interested in watching how the mobile phone providers for the launch position themselves. Because of the following general conditions for the use of the iPad: the iPad has UMTS/HSDPA and GSM/EDGE mobile network techniques in a version for an additional fee. The devices can be used for the mobile Internet, but only with so-called micro-SIM cards, they can “operate, which are smaller than the famous SIM cards from a conventional mobile phones.” In addition, there will be no exclusive contract for mobile phone contracts for the new multimedia device company Apple such as the iPhone and the devices are generally supplied without SIM-lock. That could all mobile phone providers offer appropriate SIM cards. So far, it is unclear what cellular provider in Germany will offer the micro-SIM card for the launch of the iPad. Only the mobile discounter simyo offers since March 30, 2010 offer of the micro-SIM card for the Apple iPad.

BOB mobile is the provider in Austria and will be soon in its online shop need card offer. Micro-SIM cards should be the new standard in mobile and Apple wants to take a leading role in the adoption of this new standard. Confirms this thesis by rumors that the new iPhone 4 g (expected autumn 2010) also a micro SIM card will be integrated. Shortly after the launch, the first iPad critics say sign up already. The device have problems with a stable Wi-Fi connection, as well as reports of overheating problems when you use the device outdoors under sunlight are known. Critics also argue that the iPad does not Multitasking-capable “and will have a USB port.

For Apple, you seem but to continue the winning streak after the huge hype surrounding the iPhone. Because in addition to the sale of the equipment itself, the monetization of the entire value chain plays an important role. Apple has already equipped with over 30,000 free books the iBook store for the iPad. The proud owners of iPads have already according to media reports on the first weekend over 250,000 books and over 1 million special iPad programs, so-called apps, downloaded.