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The social subjects gifts in the read headings and that also they are considered by the PCNs as transversal to consider: ethics, preconception, violence, discrimination, social condition, politics, economy, ambient conscience, solidarity, justice etc. 2,3 available Medias to integrate: – Computer, Internet, Hipertexto, Orkut, Printer digital Machine, Filmadora, Date show, Media printed 3 OBJECTIVES: 3,1 Generality: – To know Literature characteristic of the Maranho and to use it as pedagogical resource to raise being educated the condition of critical and conscientious reader capable to understand and to debate subjects focados in the workmanships of interest of the involved collective in the project. 3.1 Specific: – To extend the process of letramento and knowledge of the history and the culture of the maranhense people through its literary art in its different styles: it chats, poetry, romance, teatrais, chronic parts, assays, and critical; – To contribute for exposition of maranhense literature in the perspective to transform it into vehicle of mass communication; – To recognize the importance of maranhense literature while historic site and cultural; – To stimulate the reading, the production of texts, dramatizaes and other forms of artistic expressividade; – To use to advantage the text of some workmanships to argue on the same subjects explored in, that they are of interest of the educandos, the excellent ones for the current society and that they are contemplated in the PCNs; – To use new technologies modern tools computer, Internet, hipertexto and Orkut aiming at to optimize the process of study of a literary composition.. .