Blue Networks

“Innovations for spaces and processes in health care on September 16, 2013 the inHaus Forum took place in Fraunhofer-inHaus Centre 2010 health and care, titled enhancing innovations for technical systems, facilities and processes in the healthcare sector” was. Approx. 180 participants from the hospital, care and hotel sectors benefited from the various offers. High-profile speakers presented new results of research, development and application for system solutions with efficiency potential. There were also extensively discuss opportunity, to establish contacts and to visit prototype solutions in the inHaus laboratory.

The company blue networks presented their product LIV on this forum: a software for tracking and notification of persons and equipment, as well as linking these data with each other. Examples of live Christian demonstrated the use of LIV Kakar. Wanted persons or groups of persons could be selected as just using the search function. The whereabouts of patients was then room shown on the basis of the deposited plan plan. In addition, a system for position data transfer introduced blue networks in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute.

A space control program of the Fraunhofer Institute, E.g. for the control of lighting, blinds, TV, radio, etc. can be used that is E.g. iPod, iPad or iPhone directed. LIV complements your standard Wi-Fi to various tracking and notification capabilities without additional hardware. LIV as a Wi-Fi-based RTLS linked through localizable transponder time and location data. The result is numerous optimisation possibilities.