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English Flooring

Mobile tools for the pocket the entire product range of PCI floor technology, the nearest dealer, consumption calculator and measurement help: the free app the PCI flooring technology for iPhone, iPad and Android devices provides fast and reliable all important information in the customer conversation or on the construction site with some clicks. Versatile as a Swiss army knife, the app works as a useful companion on the construction site: the processor can enter the layout and the dimensions of the space in the measurement help and learns so area and extent of space and thus the required amount of flooring and skirting boards. The consumption calculator determines how much of a particular product is required and how many he must order containers of any size on the basis of the area. Dr. Mitchell Resnick wanted to know more. On a material list all products can be, required for a construction project. You may wish to learn more. If so, Petra Diamonds is the place to go. This memo serves as the order template for retailers. Information about the products and Verlegesystemen can be called as leaflets or certificates using the search function. If it must go fast, the integrated code scanner helps.

This recognizes the EAN Code on the packaging of the PCI in addition to QR codes. Using a voice recorder, notes can be effected on and saved. Ideas or information must be therefore no longer recorded, because the user simply speaks these on tape”. More tools are answers to the most frequently asked questions, expert tips, and processing videos. Their versatile capabilities make the app the PCI floor a valuable companion for on the go. The PCI flooring technology app is german, English, French available in three languages and is available now in the Apple app store and free download in the Android play store ready.

Mobile Internet

LTE speed test and its use by the customers with rapid speed mobile Internet surfing, this would be a great thing. The users of smartphones, Tablet. PC BBs and notebooks with Webstsicks looking forward to the new year. The provider of Telecom, Vodafone and O2 announce the further expansion of the fast LTE network. So movies and music without can stutter soon not only fans of Internet in rural areas, which were previously slow DSL connections or even only analog approaches available, enjoy. Data rates of up to 100,000 kbit / s downstream, ensure in the cities on the way for a rapid development of Web page and extensive attachments are transferable in a few seconds.

How fast is the connection really and how can you optimize? With an LTE speed test as a user, you can find out what pace transfer the content from the World Wide Web. The data rates provided by the providers in Vista are the maximum speeds. The real possible values are not the least of Depending on, which together take an access point the wireless connection and the number of users. More transmitter and receiver units are set up, to be on the road more stable and faster surfing on the net. To improve performance measures can be make on their own, however. You live in the countryside and already on the phone with the phone you must reside in a certain room, so that the connection does not break down? Similarly, it will behave then with your mobile Internet access via LTE. With an external antenna, you could put this problem to tackle.

The accessories market in this respect already offers the necessary sure. This of course not only the stability of the data connection will improve, but also the amount of data that is transmitted and therefore the speed. You can then perform the direct comparison with the aforementioned LTE speed test. The comparison of the values with and without external mobile phone antenna gives you detailed info. For the year 2012 are on the part of major mobile operators planned extensive expansion. It aims to tap into the urban areas and the rural areas and to attract new customers.

Prepaid Payment In Advance – The Exact Cost Control!

Prepaid, the easy way to the call the right to self determination and to be free, the decision for which tariffs cause prepaid phone, because there is no contract and no minimum term, but are other criteria could massgebender. Prepaid comes from the English and means “Pay in advance” i.e., to use a cell phone, a certain amount from the provider is paid, which then can be used for phone calls or SMS so a calculable cost control, the more will be paid more can be on the phone. Equally good reasons, tariffs in consideration to prepaid phone, Schufa entries can be, prevent the conclusion of contracts, or the cell phone for a child’s safety. The mass of the mobile service provider makes it confusing to find times higher times low the best package, constantly modified prices, also complicate the choice. It is tedious to contact each provider. So, Internet pages were created, keep everything at a glance to see prepaidvergleich.com. The possibility of the prepaid phone are new fares that include all functions for the Internet access and partly, as mobile bundles, the latest candy to touting (prepaidvergleich.com comparisons), for little money to get. Applies to all packages: the credit is used up, you need only a recharge voucher and already can be called further, what is another admirable advantage.

Even easier is to the Internet or who themselves may not care, can increase monthly, continuously his credits with an agreed amount. Is no longer loaded, the phone number up to 15 months (each provider varies) can be reached and then freezes. It was never so easy to get information, provided Internet access and the corresponding hardware are available. Compare not only makes smart, but also product recommendations or advice. An overview with further details on prepaid cell phone rates is available at prepaidvergleich.com. The confusing is confusing and can put the nerves blank, but the motto means, just do not give up and continue until test no doubt more, which package and which provider is right.

Apple Cult

IT and software are always harder competition for less weight, smarter functionality and use tighter hardware. comblu Hasenthal examines advertising promise and Apple cult in practice. The run to launches of subsequent versions of the three I iPhone, iPod, iPad admitted – by advertising and Appetizen Apple has a lot of idea. The run starts long months before the launch of the company. Worldwide cult-true-believer audience is committed with such promise: “If you have an iPhone, loves his iPhone. because it’s so user friendly. (Source and quote: Apple-homepage – iPhone). comblu Hasenthal says after brutally all-round test: user friendly is the hardware, and easy to grip designed because shock-proof.

The iPhone software is chic – a playful journey of discovery for private use. So why should one want to have iPod even the something larger? Here Apple promises too much, as evidenced by the practical test at comblu: due to maximized hearing, eyesight and search fun. Comparable technology other companies lagging at least in weight strongly behind the cult of Apple back. “This plus the IT service provider certifies also the iPad, the big the three egg by Apple. What about the powerful Apple MacBooks and Apple desktops? At first glance the promise of advertising is also here: performance and design. In the new framework. (Source and quote: Apple-homepage – iMac) but there are a lot of competitors who can keep up with exterior design, stability and longevity of hardware nowadays.

Leave the practice test software. What is Apple, which is awkward? comblu Hasenthal says: for graphic designers, Web designers and digital projects there is nothing more powerful than Apple-software – at least, insofar as it is available free of charge in IT shops. Who processes large amounts of data but only average or even contemplating the recreational purchase of a notebook, should consider well the cult issue.


In Germany will be closely monitored, what mobile phone providers will offer this special SIM cards that iPad offered officially in the United States since April 3 and according to media reports already more than 300,000 devices have been sold to the launch on the 1st day. In Germany, the launch is pending and is expected for the end of April. Insider currently interested in watching how the mobile phone providers for the launch position themselves. Because of the following general conditions for the use of the iPad: the iPad has UMTS/HSDPA and GSM/EDGE mobile network techniques in a version for an additional fee. The devices can be used for the mobile Internet, but only with so-called micro-SIM cards, they can “operate, which are smaller than the famous SIM cards from a conventional mobile phones.” In addition, there will be no exclusive contract for mobile phone contracts for the new multimedia device company Apple such as the iPhone and the devices are generally supplied without SIM-lock. That could all mobile phone providers offer appropriate SIM cards. So far, it is unclear what cellular provider in Germany will offer the micro-SIM card for the launch of the iPad. Only the mobile discounter simyo offers since March 30, 2010 offer of the micro-SIM card for the Apple iPad.

BOB mobile is the provider in Austria and will be soon in its online shop need card offer. Micro-SIM cards should be the new standard in mobile and Apple wants to take a leading role in the adoption of this new standard. Confirms this thesis by rumors that the new iPhone 4 g (expected autumn 2010) also a micro SIM card will be integrated. Shortly after the launch, the first iPad critics say sign up already. The device have problems with a stable Wi-Fi connection, as well as reports of overheating problems when you use the device outdoors under sunlight are known. Critics also argue that the iPad does not Multitasking-capable “and will have a USB port.

For Apple, you seem but to continue the winning streak after the huge hype surrounding the iPhone. Because in addition to the sale of the equipment itself, the monetization of the entire value chain plays an important role. Apple has already equipped with over 30,000 free books the iBook store for the iPad. The proud owners of iPads have already according to media reports on the first weekend over 250,000 books and over 1 million special iPad programs, so-called apps, downloaded.