Racial Laws

A booklet on the racial laws is launched and registers in cadastre of collaborators in afros studies in the Piau. I was congregated to project the college of umbanda. But the idea did not give continuity, for diverse divergences between the leaderships that had had the initiative, aborted after meeting with federacy, found that it would have to wait plus a time until obtaining to construct its headquarters. To the few they had been blunting leaderships, the young seminarista Adelino Rivers considered one of the leaders who fomented the reflection on the religion and black culture, brought for the movement the experience of militant warriors, which had become articuladores of some communities, beyond inside providing the reflection on the operating black movement of the ecclesiastical area, from the formation of groups of black study the seminarista. In the Sacred Seminary Heart of Jesus afro and meeting of reflection had made diverse celebrations on the thematic black.

In 1988 with fervor of the Campaign of the Fraternity, inica the work of the Black Agents of Pastoral, co-ordinated for Frei Leandro, Adelino, Frei Muniz Joo, Halda Regina, Cona, Ruimar, Lucimar, Ieda of the Jufra, Raimundinha of the Jufra, Divine, Rejanei, Cludete, Josefa, Frei Fernncio OFMCap and Irm Francinete, between some leaderships constructs the project of the first Meeting of Black movement of Teresina. Frei David OFM, assessor, came of Rio De Janeiro spoke on the seven acts for the black people of Brazil. Beyond treating on the false abolition, without repairing of material and moral damages against the black people in the 400 years of slavery. Great of the Center of Black Culture of the Maranho CCN, assessor it instigated to the black movement of the Piau, to know on the rights of the Brazilian people afro, beyond provoking the interchange between the Maranho and the Piau in the racial question. After the meeting was taken off a commission to carry through 1 festejo of Is Benedict.