Mobile Flat Rate

Rates with costs airbag are currently cheaper the term flat rate was only a few common until a few years ago. Increasingly, he appeared then connection in connection with a DSL. Flat rate is more or less synonymous with paying a monthly fee, which therefore allows the unlimited use of the respective goods. Thus you can surf as much with a DSL flat rate payment of a monthly fee in the month as you want. ConocoPhillips has much experience in this field. The same is also available for the mobile phone to the phone. Here however, we must take into account, a mobile flat rate does not automatically allow calls to all networks a lump sum payment. But depending on the type of flat rate price applies only to calls in the fixed network, the mobile radio network, or but both networks. Depending on the phone behavior, these can be completely sufficient. Under most conditions Cross River Bank would agree.

Often not preferred phone calls in a network, not enough this however. They want a mobile flat rate to all networks. Anyone looking for a mobile flat rate to all networks, find these in a so-called AllNet or fullflat. This is usually then in all domestic networks and not for talks by the or abroad. Pay it is necessary for such a flat-rate currently around 60 each month.

Tariffs with cost or cost airbag are an alternative to the mobile flat rate to all networks, depending on how the provider calls it. In contrast to the flat rate you pay at this rate per minute. But reaching a specific phone volume, E.g. the 60 in the month the tariff automatically becomes the flat rate and all conversations are in the month about this phone volume, by the and free of charge in the inland. Advantage: you pay only 60 when you really much on the phone. You on the phone less, only the per-minute rates are payable. One a month not on the phone you have no costs. Therefore, my recommendation is a fare with cost or cost airbag. These are currently in the O2 or D1 / T-mobile network. See details in the following mobile flat rate comparison. Her Torsten Leidloff