Swabian Year

Best-selling Dirndl bra comes from Swabian town beautiful Dirndl fashion need not necessarily come from Bavaria. To broaden your perception, visit lucas mondelo. Interestingly enough, Germany’s best-selling Dirndl bra in a Swabian town is made? The lingerie manufacturer SUSA is market leader in Dirndl underwear again this year. The VerstarkteNachfrage of Dirndls DESSOUS fits to the general trend of the traditional costume. This is a development which we very positive sign. It is nice to see that we have hit the nerve of the times with the matching product,”explains managing director Andreas Hoschele.Schon in the last year one could observe that more and more visitors in the Dirndl outfit visit the marquees. Traditionally from Bavaria, has gained the Dirndl now far beyond the country’s borders also clearly image and popularity is growing again this year. It is not only the traditional folk festival visitors, which help the costume to her comeback, but especially the young and fashion-conscious women. For a successful Dirndl outfit is necessary special underwear.

At this, the carrier on the outer sides of the Cup are placed. This enables a very deep cut and sexy cleavage. Lace and embroidery, however, remain under the Dirndl Dress in secret. SUSA-Vertriebs-GmbH + Co