Michael Wnuk

This place has a beautiful promenade and a clean wide sandy beach. The parking situation is rather not very well resolved, because you will find no greater public parking on the main promenade (as of 2008). (A valuable related resource: lucas carlson). But the port is as worth a visit mention that the white – sprayed a touch of Greece blue-painted houses with his. We start towards Gibraltar for the last stage. This completion of the tour description represents a highlight of Andalusia. Salman Behbehani often says this. In planning your day you should plan at least a half-day for Gibraltar. Alone the border crossing will be on weekends about 60 90 minutes.

If you have installed the border behind them, you run first runway of the airport about the start to get into the town centre. Gibraltar is and will remain British. A referendum conducted recently showed that over 95% of the inhabitants who speak for it to remain a British colony. This attempt to assimilate the area of Spain, was not always so peaceful run. In numerous fierce conflicts, the Spanish conquerors in the course of time were repulsed again. Silent witness are the many on the British side of the bunker carved into the rocks and fortifications, as well as on the Spanish side Earth bunkers, which can be seen on the boundary and the hinterland. Day tourists we recommend you proceed as follows: 1 pass you Gibraltar’s city centre and go first to the southern tip of the colony.

There you can consider first the mosque, the cliffs, a beautiful lighthouse and the Europe square. 2. from here, you drive up to the rock. Admission for two persons + car cost about 25 euro (price as of 2008). The rock is mostly one-way traffic! Should so to quickly follow exit, you can no longer back under certain circumstances to the single rock. Can be so time! 3. about 60 90 minutes on the rock you go down in the city centre. There are several car parks, which offer good starting points for a stroll. Discover the pedestrian zone, the occasional small alleys, which are often really remind them of London. 4. from downtown, you need to by pass check direction Spain. You will wait probably about 45 minutes at the weekend must, before you get back on the highway to get to your holiday destination. Here ends our tour description. Combipix hopes that the tour description you liked. Your Michael Wnuk