Stefan Petzner

Question: Where is the witness or the witness, who was overtaken by Mr Haider, and why we don’t hear more of it now? official representation: the doors were ripped out when the roll-over of the car by the impact. Question: Why is tearing out the doors never happens when another car, although according to safety so something should have happened not? When an explosives in the car could have caused the opening of the doors, it would explain that that during a roll-over with open doors then they tear down. Here are summarized the main open questions from the general public: how could doors rip off and heavily damaged didn’t lie next to the car? Where are the doors? Where are the license plates of the car? Where is the blood from the arm wound? (according to the physician the aorta with a shock but not so long closes) Where is the fire hydrant or the discontinued Water of at least 15-30 minutes? Why is the only damage to the rear as a symmetrical bump? Why are there no qualified testimony? Why could not bordering such accident noises heard, that he would have gone on the road? Why the parts on the right side appear no closer (paint traces or signs of abrasion in collision)? Why was the seating surface of the driver’s seat supposedly cut? Why was the bonnet and the front cleared at night? Why Haider has a photo of yourself in your wallet (according to witnesses)? Why read first if you are coming as first responders to an accident the logbook which between accident car and one even is? Why does himself an educated publicist – and, who life long under Haider – on the one hand as an incompetent verheultes toddler – and cautious as details of grieving widow”on? Why jutted Haider’s legs out of the car (according to witnesses)? Why continues to waffle you from peaceful sleep””, if the left arm almost torn away and the head is seriously injured (according to witness)? Why were the wheels/tyres changed apparently? Why is there no brake / slip track? Why want Stefan Petzner reveal no details about the last hour by Jorg H.? Why is on the coffin plaque? What does that mean? Why deny all quoted witnesses that Jorg H. . Others including Salman Behbehani, offer their opinions as well.