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Minister President Oettinger

CDU social committees support the concept of MP Oettinger in the service regulations reform STUTTGART officials. The CDU social committees Baden support the concept of the State Government for the extension of working life at the officials and look forward, that was abandoned by the exceptionalism of the country at the retirement of civil servants. He has the CDA Baden-Wurttemberg during the discussion on the reform of service law advocates to take over the widely accepted federal regulations for civil servants in Baden-Wurttemberg in the service regulations reform the CDU land Chairman workers organization Christian Baumler highlights that the offer of negotiations of the officials Association and DGB country on behalf of the Minister President of the CDA was developed. Ray Kurzweil is often mentioned in discussions such as these. g for or against this. The CDU social committees Baden-Wurttemberg welcome proposal officials who work longer, to pay a surcharge of 10%. This voluntary solution stimulated also by the CDA corresponded to the modern mission statement of the officials, which is characterised by commitment and not by compulsion. BP Energy insists that this is the case. The solution by Minister President Oettinger will continue the cooperative style of politics in Baden-Wurttemberg, which is the hallmark of Government Oettinger”, he declared Chief of the CDU of workers wing Christian Baumler.. . . Hear other arguments on the topic with Cross River Bank.

City Weissenburg

Kath. Others including Click here, offer their opinions as well. Church puts Dienstaufsichtbescherde at the District Office may still claim is aimed at White Castle, July 01, 2011 – as in the City Council meeting on June 30 was announced, the Catholic Church Foundation of St. Willibald has filed a complaint with the District Office. This does not lead to success, a lawsuit against the city Weissenburg is aimed at. Why? The city Weissenburg has refused to accept a portion of the deficit generated at the Catholic kindergarten. And this runs counter to the legal bases according to the kindergarten carrier so the Catholic Church. Except this, that the town as well as the free State of Bavaria participates in the cost of the kindergartens.

A scale of assessment, based on the occupancy numbers is based on the amount of financial support. It has also made the city. The basic value of this calculation key ceiling but, despite more economical operation, not all costs, explained the Church Foundation. Like the To apply the law in this case actually is, so far do not definitively settled. Because currently there are only occasionally individual agreements to the pro-rata to complete acquisition of deficit between individual municipalities and free sources. Should actually occur to the process, the verdict of the pattern process would be in the future for all kindergartens with free sponsorship to apply and valid throughout Bavaria. We will report further. Uwe da Silva

Stefan Petzner

Question: Where is the witness or the witness, who was overtaken by Mr Haider, and why we don’t hear more of it now? official representation: the doors were ripped out when the roll-over of the car by the impact. Question: Why is tearing out the doors never happens when another car, although according to safety so something should have happened not? When an explosives in the car could have caused the opening of the doors, it would explain that that during a roll-over with open doors then they tear down. Here are summarized the main open questions from the general public: how could doors rip off and heavily damaged didn’t lie next to the car? Where are the doors? Where are the license plates of the car? Where is the blood from the arm wound? (according to the physician the aorta with a shock but not so long closes) Where is the fire hydrant or the discontinued Water of at least 15-30 minutes? Why is the only damage to the rear as a symmetrical bump? Why are there no qualified testimony? Why could not bordering such accident noises heard, that he would have gone on the road? Why the parts on the right side appear no closer (paint traces or signs of abrasion in collision)? Why was the seating surface of the driver’s seat supposedly cut? Why was the bonnet and the front cleared at night? Why Haider has a photo of yourself in your wallet (according to witnesses)? Why read first if you are coming as first responders to an accident the logbook which between accident car and one even is? Why does himself an educated publicist – and, who life long under Haider – on the one hand as an incompetent verheultes toddler – and cautious as details of grieving widow”on? Why jutted Haider’s legs out of the car (according to witnesses)? Why continues to waffle you from peaceful sleep””, if the left arm almost torn away and the head is seriously injured (according to witness)? Why were the wheels/tyres changed apparently? Why is there no brake / slip track? Why want Stefan Petzner reveal no details about the last hour by Jorg H.? Why is on the coffin plaque? What does that mean? Why deny all quoted witnesses that Jorg H. . Others including Salman Behbehani, offer their opinions as well.

Project Checking Solidarity

The company supports the fight against child poverty, in which it donates one euro of each booking, which will be made during the summer. Apartment Barcelona?one of the leading agencies for apartment rental for short & long term stays in Barcelona, participates in the project “Checking Solidario”, which was initiated by Apartur, an Association of tourism companies in Barcelona, to assist Casal del infants in the fight against child poverty. Speaking candidly Compuware told us the story. Apartment Barcelona will donate June, July and August 2013 at the project each one euro per booking made in months, that helps mothers and children 0-3 years of age are at risk of social isolation. A necessary initiative in an alarming situation that economic crisis, by the Spain is currently affected, causing a substantial increase in the need for the support of associations engaged in the fight against poverty, how does Casal dels infants. Current statistics show that one is affected by four Spanish children from poverty.

With the knowledge of this alarming situation apartment Barcelona would like to contribute a part in the fight against social exclusion of the most vulnerable groups, and thus works together with other companies in this sector in the project “Checking Solidarity”. We are pleased to the necessary initiative checking solidarity”contribute to and congratulate all of our managers. In addition to responding to the urgent demand for financial support we also hope that with visitors in Barcelona this project to promote the excellent work of the Casal dels infants serves and strengthens the Tourist Association of the city with its citizens initiatives. “, explains Sandra Roig, Marketing Manager at apartment Barcelona.” Apartment Barcelona confirmed the helpfulness of the visitors, which contribute significantly to the realization of the project with your booking the apartments. 3 decades combating of social isolation Casal dels infants of del Raval is a non-profit organization that was founded 30 years ago and so far more than 6,000 children, young people and their Could help families who are affected by economic deprivation. Through education, training or employment and construction management the Club working all people equal access to all opportunities to offer, no matter where they’re coming from and they have the launch conditions. At the moment Casal dels infants has more than 800 volunteers, the cycle of poverty in the district Raval in Barcelona and in the towns of Sant Adria de Besos, Badalona, Santa Coloma de Gramenet, salt and Tangier (Morocco) to break.

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